2010 KUBOTA L2800 for sale Phoenix

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A really good used tractor with good condition, this Kubota L2800 3X4 works and works very well. It has four wheels (4×4), is equipped with a three-point hitch, a PTO, as well as a four-point hitch, a PTO, and a four-point hitch, a howl.
Suspension (visor), front counterweight.

The front seat and tires are completely new, the tractor has a lot of power, the brakes are strong and hold without slipping when tested on a slope of 10 degrees, the engine has excellent compression, starts and functions as a top.
There are no leaks on the tractor, the operation of the box is perfectly adjusted at all speeds both forward and backward.

The company’s employees conducted an inspection, testing and completed a full 250-hour service period with liquids and filters – everything is in working condition
A tractor of the perfect size at a good price!

Possible additions:

Owned by Kubota and having at its disposal a Quick Connect 66 bucket, a Kubota loader and a CC-66″ bucket with a joystick for 6.


Brand / modelKUBOTA L2800
Hours7,900 h
Extra optionsReconditioned
Prece for sale11,500 USD (9,900 EUR)
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