Basics of plowing

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  1. Plowing should be done annually. Oxygen-enriched soil after them will be an excellent place for the growth of new fruits, which have received sufficient nutrients required for the ripening of absolutely all crops.
  2. It makes no difference whether the land has been seeded before or whether it will be farmed for the first time. Plowing remains necessary in both cases. Often, it is land that has not been previously sown that produces a higher yield than an area that has been cultivated more than once. This is due to the “fatigue” of the land. In this case, you should let the soil rest by skipping at least one sowing period.
  3. The process of plowing the land should preferably be carried out twice a year – in spring and autumn. It is this schedule that will give the earth time to saturate during the winter period with a variety of nutrients. Conduct autumn plowing should be carried out after the harvest and before the frost. The next step will be spring tillage just before planting.
  4. Important points are the issues of fertilizing the soil and removing weeds. If it is decided to plow by yourself with a handy shovel, before the beginning of plowing, in autumn, it is necessary to thoroughly weed the area, freeing it from weeds along with the root systems. Otherwise, the succulent weeds will come up in the spring instead of the seeded seedlings. This point is another factor in favor of plowing with a tractor and plow.
  5. Fertilizer enrichment is done after the soil is plowed. Non-organic fertilizers are applied to the soil only in the fall. When using organic fertilizer, it can fertilize the soil in the spring and summer. Given that in the spring you should use stale organic matter, which had lain under the snow cover during the winter and thus underwent the process of fermentation. This will greatly increase the yield of the site, will contribute to the growth of not only the leaves, but also the fruits.

Despite all the facts, there is an opinion that the process of plowing is not necessary at all, that the soil is able to enrich itself with oxygen. However, it has been proven in practice that it is plowing that leads to an increase in yields. Even historically, it was plowing that was always carried out before the beginning of sowing. Simply put, the process of plowing reveals the hidden resources of the land.

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