Beautiful beds in the country with their own hands

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Every summer resident wants to have a beautiful and practical area where you can grow various crops. Recently, high-type beds have been very relevant . There are a large number of options for such designs and everyone chooses the most suitable one for themselves, so as not to repeat themselves and make an individual solution for their garden.

What attracts high-type beds?

Elevated structures allow plants to be planted 1-2 weeks earlier compared to crops in a conventional garden. Since the beds are closer to the sun, they warm up much faster than ordinary earth. In addition, structures are formed due to special backfill, so decomposition processes take place in it, which additionally heats up the soil.

In addition, on such beds, you can equip arcs, attach a film or other material to them in order to harvest much earlier and protect it from possible spring frosts.

The construction of high beds will be a real salvation on infertile soils. Since a layer of compost is laid in the structure, it maintains fertility. With the help of such structures, it will be possible to solve the problem of arid regions. In this case, the fence of the structure can be smeared with mastic or film to keep moisture inside the structures.

When deciding to equip high beds, the parameters of the future design should be taken into account. Usually, the height of structures is made at least 20 cm, and the maximum is 65 cm. The higher the bed, the easier and more convenient it will be to process it, since you will have to bend much less.

The width of the structures is made from 0.6 to 1.2 m. Here you should build on your own convenience during processing. A prerequisite is the passages between the structures. Their length is also selected from the parameters of the site and their own preferences.

Creative beds from pallets

Pallets are actively used in the design of a summer cottage. They can be used to equip structures for growing greenery. Such structures will be not only practical, but also decorate any site. The advantages of the structures – you do not have to plow the land for planting greenery. The prepared soil mixture should be poured into the pallet and seeds should be sown at these intervals. Between the rows, you do not have to pour mulch, since the pallet is made with ready-made partitions.


If you want to grow strawberries in pallets, then you should make beds using a different method. The pallet is sawn into blanks that will serve as the bottom and walls. It is required to fill the future structure with dried grass, then lay a layer of mulch and soil.

Strawberry bushes are located along the edge above the space in the wall of the box. Leaves are brought out. This technology is performed until the box is full. Then you need to water the soil.

stone structures

To make a bed of stones look attractive, you should take even material or special refractory tiles of the same size. In such structures, tomatoes or cucumbers are perfectly grown, because due to the height of the structure, the plants will be able to receive the maximum amount of sunlight.

To create such a bed, it is necessary to prepare a site laid with tiles or poured with concrete, since the structure will not hold on ordinary land. First you need to draw or make landmarks, according to which the process of laying the stone will take place. Be sure to use a level to make the bed even.

After preparatory manipulations, it is necessary to knead a solution of sand, cement and water (10 kg per 5 kg and per 8 liters). The next step is laying out the stones. First, the first row is done, after that – the second. It is very important that there is proportionality when performing such a process, because if one side starts to lean, the whole structure will turn out to be uneven.


Usually lay out 3-5 rows (depending on the desired height). After that, the structure should be left for 2-3 days so that it “settles”. Be sure to cover it with a film in case of possible rain. When the bed dries up, you should proceed to its filling. The first layer will be the remains of the plants. You can use old fallen leaves, corn stalks or sunflowers. Then you need to lay organic fertilizers and sand. The top layer is made from fertile soil.

Plastic pipes for creating beds

If you want to decorate a flower bed or not very tall plants, then building beds from plastic pipes will be an excellent solution . Such material is durable, it does not emit any elements into the ground, guarantees an excellent level of thermal insulation and allows you to make a bed of any shape. Thanks to this, it is possible to build star structures, ovals, circles, rhombuses or triangles. It will be possible to make other structures, it all depends on your imagination. The technology is very simple – you should cut the required number of pipes of the same size and evenly dig them into the ground. Then fill the bed with soil and plant the desired crops there.

Hanging beds, consisting of several tiers, will look much more interesting. They can decorate the wall of the house, fence or gazebo. It is required to take several plastic pipes of the same length (maximum – 1.5 m) and cut them lengthwise into 2 parts. Then you should make plugs on the edges of the gutter and fix them. To do this, you can use any type of material (plywood, wood and plastic).


In order for the root system to have something to breathe, it is required to cut 2-3 holes in each tier (the distance between them is a maximum of 10 cm). Assembly of the structure is carried out from below. It is necessary to skip the rope into the extreme holes, make locking knots. The distance between the tiers will depend on the number of mini-beds. Soil must be poured into each gutter. Agrofibre can be used to prevent the soil from drying out. In such tall hanging structures, greenery and undersized annual flowers will look great.

When creating such a bed, it is important not to exaggerate the number of landing sites on one fastener. The best option is up to 5 tiers.

High-type beds made of vines

The beds of the vine look very beautiful and original. To build them, prepare:

  • willow branches or a vine, you can also branches of other trees, but so that they bend well;
  • black spunbond and dense texture or old carpet, linoleum;
  • ax or secateurs;
  • shovel.

First you need to stick pegs into the ground, along a pre-drawn ruler or a stretched rope. Then you need to start braiding the peg, using the same technology as it is done in baskets. The cut off excess parts of the branches need to be laid at the base of the future high structure, they will serve as excellent drainage. From the edge of the structure, it is required to dig out the soil and place the spunbond on the bottom, thus making the sides. If you do not lay the foundation with a film, then the earth will wake up through the vine.


Inside the structure, on top of the branches, you need to lay out pieces of cardboard or newspaper. Thanks to this solution, it will be possible to protect the bed from weeds during the first year of growing plants. After that, you can begin to fill the structure with soil. You can buy it at any garden store or make it yourself (garden soil + organic fertilizer + peat, the proportion is 2: 1: 1).

For growing in such structures are great:

  • onion;
  • carrot;
  • different types of lettuce;
  • parsley;
  • arugula;
  • Dill;
  • bush beans.

Such beds look very nice in the garden, and not in the garden.

Gabions for gardening

To decorate the beds with gabions, you need to take a strong galvanized mesh, 2-5 mm thick. It is also necessary to prepare clamps or wire staples to fasten the frame. You should take geotextile, sand or a thick black film for the substrate. For filling use stones, pebbles or broken bricks. The larger the cells at the grid, the larger the material is chosen. Also in the process of construction will have to use a tape measure, pliers and a shovel.

The creation of a high bed occurs according to the following technology:

  1. Marking (width about 40 cm), leveling and compacting the soil. The base is covered with a black film or geotextile.
  2. The grid is cut into strips (width 25-35 cm) and length in accordance with the parameter of the flower bed. For the design, you will need 4 sides and 2 squares each to make a mesh box.
  3. Assembly is done on site. One of the strips should be laid on the ground, then one should be installed perpendicularly, and then the 2nd wall and screwed with clamps to the base. It is better to mount fasteners from the inside in order to maintain a beautiful view of the structure. Get rid of excess wire with pliers.
  4. Ends are fixed in a similar way.
  5. When all 4 boxes are ready, you need to fill them with stones, and then screw the upper parts of the grid.

Soil is poured inside the structure and plants are planted.

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