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Sugar beet seed drills are used for precision sowing of pre-calibrated beet seeds as well as for the simultaneous application of mineral fertilizers.

Often, with the help of simple adaptations, such a planter can easily be modified for planting millet, beans, soybeans and buckwheat seeds.

As a rule, they are divided into two types according to the width of the row spacing: for 45 cm, which is suitable for the main rainfed areas of beet growing, and for 60 cm for areas with irrigated beet growing, on peatlands and in places with high humidity.

Sugar beet seeders are aggregated with tractors of class 1,4 – 2 traction type.
The technology of such a seeder is identical to the scheme of work of universal pneumatic drills. But there are a number of differences, which we will dwell on in detail.

First of all, it is a vertical arrangement of discs in the seeding units of sections.

Dumpers are equipped with articulated wings, they are held at a given depth by spring-loaded bars.

The beet seeder plume is round bars with side wings, which are connected by chains.

The right foot board has a tracer that is used to make a furrow in between the rows so that it is possible to make a pre-emergence treatment of the crops afterwards.

The seeding rate of the beet seeds can be adjusted by changing the speed of the disc and the number of cells directly on it.

As a rule, all models are equipped with several sets of discs for seeds of different fractions, also varying the depth and diameter of the cells.

In most cases, discs have three rows of cells, but in small farms with small seeding rates it is advisable to overlap two rows with a special sector, leaving only one working one.

The speed of rotation of the sowing disc can be changed by setting the gear chain on the desired sprockets.

Some versions of beet seeders are equipped with a device for introducing granulated mineral fertilizers and liquid fertilizer.

The fertilizers are delivered to the front of the openers with a slatted coulter, which cuts the fertilizer furrows, through the fertilizer pipes. For this reason, the fertilizer is placed on the side of the seed, separated from it by a layer of soil. And all machines, without exception, are equipped with a system for controlling the level of planted seeds and the sowing process.

Sugar beet seeders are available in a wide range on our market, the owners of agricultural enterprises can easily find the best option in terms of price and performance.

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