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In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of living outside the city, away from megacities. Country life has its pros and cons.

Pros and cons of suburban life

Those who have a mansion like in the “pictures” with a swimming pool, a guest house, a tennis court and other benefits do not need to think about the pros and cons of living in such a cottage. But for those who dream of acquiring an ordinary country house for permanent residence, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons.

Animals outside the city

If you are thinking about moving from an apartment to your own house outside the city, then be prepared for some of the nuances and peculiarities of life in the country.

Pros of living outside the city

The biggest plus of living outside the city is the environment. Health is the most important thing we have. Moving out of town will help you and your family relax and take a break from the daily bustle of the metropolis. It is no secret that in the fresh air we sleep better, have a better rest, and wake up easier and full of energy.

The second plus of country life is space. There are no neighbors in the stairwell, garbage chutes, showdowns and noise behind the wall.

Behind the door of your country house begins the world, which you can fill with what you like.

Don’t forget about convenience. You do not have to look for a parking place for half an hour. No need to block the entrance to unload the car.

Another big plus is that you don’t have to worry about walking with children and pets – they walk around the site and always remain under supervision. Children walk, play, spend a lot of time outdoors, and parents at this time go about their business.

In your house, you can walk in anything. Let’s leave the dress code for the city.

country life

Cons of living in a country house

Let’s be honest, not everything is as fabulous as it might seem at first glance. In addition to promising pluses, there are certain minuses everywhere and in everything.

Cons everyone determines for himself

The first disadvantage of living in a house is that all the problems associated with the repair of communications fall on your shoulders. Unless, of course, you have a familiar plumber and jack-of-all-trades nearby. As a rule, in 1-2 seasons, home owners will learn this.


Another downside is the infrastructure. As a rule, there are no usual hypermarkets and convenience stores nearby. You will have to worry about purchases in advance. Now the truth is that more and more shopping centers are opening outside the cities, so soon this will not be a problem.

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