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Delphinium instead of chemistry

The fact that a beautifully flowering delphinium is effective against plant pests is little known to gardeners. The plant is poisonous, especially the rhizome.

I use leaves and stems against the bear: I pour 200 g with 1 liter of soft water, leave for eight hours, filter and pour into minks. The bear will die there. A decoction of delphinium helps well against aphids, spider mites, hawthorn, scoops, moths and other leaf-eating caterpillars.

How to use delphinium preparations?

If the delphinium is dried and ground into powder, then we get a “dust” against the caterpillars of the gypsy and ringed silkworm, apple sucker, false caterpillars, golden tail, turnip villager, sawflies.

I cut off the aerial part in the flowering phase, and the rhizome in the fall.

You can not spray before harvesting, I stop in a week. The effect of the application increases if, after infusion, bring to a boil and add 4 g of soap in liquid form per 1 liter. For the sake of a natural insecticide, it is worth growing this beautiful flower in a garden plot – the pests of the garden will be blown away by the wind.

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