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In the gardens of the temperate zone of Russia, eggplant appeared relatively recently. They did not succeed before, because there were no varieties suitable for our conditions. And now they fail if the gardener chooses the wrong seeds. This vegetable is painfully thermophilic.

First of all, you should pay attention to the timing of maturation. Only the earliest eggplants are suitable for us, otherwise the summer will end, and they will only begin to bloom.

The breeders of the company Manul (formerly TSHA) have developed five new interesting varieties that can be successfully grown in the zone of risky farming.

Domestic eggplant varieties for the temperate zone of Russia

The earliest ripe variety Robin Hood produces purple pear-shaped fruits weighing up to 400 g each. Low and not thickened bushes give a good harvest (2.3-3.1 kg). A little later, the spherical fruits of Sancho Panza, weighing 600-750 g each, ripen. The harvest from the bush reaches 3.85 kg. The pulp is white, tender and very tasty.

In the third early ripe variety, Rossinant, the fruits are cylindrical, weighing 700-800 g each, growing on a low bush.

Two tall varieties Don Quixote and Delfin ripen in the middle and late periods, the fruits are tied poorly. It is recommended to plant them in a glass greenhouse; in early August, you need to pinch the top and artificially pollinate.

Foreign varieties of eggplant

Of the foreign varieties, the Czech early ripens early with a powerful bush and ovoid purple fruits, but in terms of yield this variety is inferior to the varieties Robin Hood, Sancho Panza and Rosinante.

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