Fight with cow parsnip

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Hogweed is a poisonous plant native to the distant Caucasus. Every spring this plant stubbornly makes its way to the sun and every summer thousands of seeds scatter from it, giving rise to a new generation of poisoned descendants. Is the hogweed so invincible? Is his growth out of control? It turns out there is a way out!

Hogweed can be poisoned with chemicals and this gives a result. However, as far as chemical treatment is concerned, it is prohibited near reservoirs.

If we talk about mechanical methods of struggle, then in this case the plant must be cut below the level of the root collar by two centimeters. Then she starts to rot. But the main thing is to prevent the flowering of hogweed. And, as you know, in no case should you penetrate into its thickets. If a burn is suspected, it is necessary to wash the damaged area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin and hide it from sunlight.

Hogweed lives for about seven years and can bloom in any year. One plant produces up to 100,000 seeds, which can last up to 10 years (maybe more, because research was conducted only 10 years). The people called the cow parsnip “Stalin’s revenge.”

The fight against the “green invader” is underway and there are results. Why not noticeable at all? Probably because not all landowners feel responsible, considering themselves masters of the land.

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