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Often gardeners, when they hear about cucumbers on the windowsill, they imagine their cultivation as something difficult and inaccessible. However, this opinion is wrong, because it is possible to grow cucumbers in the room, and even in winter. It is desirable to place cucumber plants on the windows of southern orientation, first carefully caulking the cracks. It is worth taking care that the temperature was not below 15-20 degrees. The best option if cucumbers will grow in the kitchen with a gas stove – increased carbon dioxide content in the kitchen air will create good conditions for them.

Cucumber varieties suitable for growing on a windowsill in winter

Such parthenocarpic hybrids as Mazai F-1, Alice F-1, Korolek F-1, Legend F-1 are suitable for growing on a windowsill in winter. Cultivate them from March to the end of November, and sow them in two terms: in late December – early January, but additional lighting will be required; and in late February – at this time backlighting is not required.
Preparation of soil for seedlings
Soil mixture is prepared as follows: take equal parts of sod soil and humus and per bucket of this mixture add 2 cups of wood ash, as well as 1 -2 g of full mineral fertilizer. All this, of course, is thoroughly mixed.

How to grow cucumber seedlings at home

Grow cucumbers at home by sprouting. Seeds germinate, and as soon as they are a little naked, sow in pots (preferably pottery), or in another container of 3 pieces. And immediately cover with glass, so that the seeds were warm, moist and light. As soon as the sprouts appear, the glass is removed and the pot is left only one, the strongest, plant. The pot is also set on the window, which was mentioned at the beginning.
When growing seedlings at home the temperature must be regulated: during the day it should be 22-25 ° C, at night – 15-18 ° C. Feed two or three times: 1/2 teaspoon of complete fertilizer per 2 cups of water.
This is all about how to grow cucumber seedlings. After 25-30 days, it is transplanted into a larger dish. What – decide for yourself: for one cucumber plant you need a whole bucket of soil mixture.

Care of the plants: from flowering to harvesting

While cucumbers have not blossomed, they are watered with warm water, the same fertilizer is made only after watering. Do it 2-3 times a week with this solution: 1:10 cowpea or 1:15 bird droppings. One plant requires up to 1 liter of feeding. Will not be superfluous and periodic spraying of cucumbers.
When growing at home, cucumbers should be formed: for this purpose, the stems are tied to supports, all side shoots in the lower part (at a height of 30-40 cm ) form one leaf and one cucumber, and unnecessary parts of the shoots are removed. In the middle part and above form already two leaves and two cucumbers.
Over time, the soil in the pots can become very compacted. To prevent the roots from suffocating, carefully, trying not to damage the large roots, pierce the soil with a stick to the bottom.
If all goes well, and your cucumbers like to grow in the room or in the kitchen, on day 8-12 after flowering, you will get the first greens.

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