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Amazing plant – hippeastrum

Long, belt-shaped leaves reaching in length 70 centimeters, and long leafless peduncles, on which magnificent flowers bloom – white, pink, red with a contrasting color of the inner and outer parts of the perianth. This is how hippeastrum blooms. On one peduncle at the hippeastrum, several flowers can open, and from the bulb – 2 or more peduncles. The spectacle is truly enchanting.

How to grow hippeastrum, care for it at home and other secrets are revealed by our readers.

How to make hippeastrum bloom?

I want to share some features of growing hippeastrums. Home care for them has several subtleties. I time its flowering to a certain date, either by the New Year, or by the birthday of someone close. And I achieve double flowering. How to make hippeastrum bloom? Everything is not so difficult.

So, if you have a small hippeastrum bulb, then now, in winter, let it grow in a pot on the windowsill. The earth in a pot should be in half with leaf humus. How to care for the bulb? It’s not that hard. It is not necessary to water the bulb often, as the earth dries out. In the spring, without cutting the leaves and without damaging the roots, I plant the bulb in my dacha in the shade of small trees in well-fertilized soil. You need to plant the bulb 2/3 into the ground. I also water not too often in spring and summer, 1-2 times a week, without flooding. If the summer is damp, then watering is not required. Over the summer, the hippeastrum bulb will gain weight and strength. In September, before frosts, I dig it out. Shaking off the ground and trying not to damage the leaves and roots, I lay out the bulbs in a dry, warm place, for example, in a garage, for 7-10 days, until the leaves wither. After that, I remove the leaves and dry the bulbs in the room. Well, then I store them in the refrigerator in the lower pan until they are planted in pots for the entire dormant period. I plant 40-45 days before flowering in the ground in half with leaf humus. I choose a bigger pot. After removing damaged, diseased roots. I plant the bulb at 1/3 of its height. I put the pot on the windowsill and water it as the soil dries. One plant often has two flower arrows and each up to 6 flowers. I put the pot on the windowsill and water it as the soil dries. One plant often has two flower arrows and each up to 6 flowers. I put the pot on the windowsill and water it as the soil dries. One plant often has two flower arrows and each up to 6 flowers.

After flowering, I cut off the arrow near the bulb, and leave the pot on the windowsill until spring. In the spring, I plant the bulb again in the country. If it is large enough, it may bloom in the summer.

I collect children in the fall, dry them. If there is room on the windowsill, I plant 5-7 of them in one pot, where they grow until spring. In the spring I transplant them into the garden. If there is no room on the windowsill, in the winter I store it wrapped in newspaper in the refrigerator tray. If it is not possible to plant the bulb in open ground, then in the spring you need to transplant it and put the pot on the balcony.

This is how you can make the hippeastrum bloom.  

winter bloom

Growing hippeastrums is the subject of my special passion. These beautiful flowers bloom in January – February. One arrow is able to decorate a room, and if there is a whole window sill or two of them, then this is not an apartment – a winter garden. I have hippeastrums red, pink and even one white. This one is quite unusual – tender, with a pale green center. To grow a hippeastrum and bring it to flowering is a small trick, since it is not difficult to care for it, you just need to know some subtleties.

At the end of the summer, I water less and less, and by November 1 I stop completely. Dried pots for the entire dormant period I clean in a dark and cool place. I leave them in the hallway of my small apartment. Leaves dry up at this time. Watching the pots will tell you when the new “season” will begin. Usually the flower arrow appears first. She started to grow a little – it’s time to put the pot in the light and start watering a little: the first two weeks every day, and then every other day.

Usually the arrow begins to grow in mid-December. At this time, they should be regularly watered and fed (once every two weeks).

Hippeastrum reproduction

It is possible to propagate hippeastrum with bulbs and seeds. To get seeds, I pollinate the flowers with a cotton swab. Seeds in a box ripen in late May – June. When the box cracks, the seeds are ready. But remember that they remain viable for no more than 2 weeks. Planting is carried out in nutrient soil to a depth2 cm. Shoots appear in 2-3 weeks, by the end of August they reach a height of 15-20 cm. Until the young plants bloom, I transplant them annually. In winter, I leave the kids on the windowsill and do not dry them. The first flowers open in 3-4 years.

The most common method of reproduction is by children. Planted bulbs bloom already in the 1st or 2nd year, and the faster, the larger they are. I transplant adult plants in 1-2 years.

My hippeastrums often produce two or even three flower arrows. After flowering, I do not cut the arrows themselves until they turn yellow and wither, and I only remove the dried leaves. I believe that in this case, a redistribution of nutrients occurs in favor of the bulb.

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