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On average, flies live on average for about a month, but at the same time they can harm people. Such insects multiply rapidly and interfere with people living in the apartment. We, together with an expert, understand why flies are dangerous, how to get rid of them using folk, industrial methods, and whether it is worth resorting to the help of professionals.

Why do they appear

A fly enters the apartment from the street and begins to live there. Insect larvae often enter houses with spoiled vegetables and fruits.

And this problem is especially acute in summer, when it is hot outside and insects actively breed on the organic garbage can. Flies in the summer can do without human housing, but once inside it, they cannot leave the room: their retina is designed so that it does not distinguish glass.

Sometimes the “invasion” of flies also happens in the autumn, when the temperature outside drops – they instinctively look for a warmer place. In winter, insects hibernate and may well remain in secluded places at home for the winter to wake up in the spring.

What are they capable of and how to deal with them.

In addition to annoying buzzing, flies also cause more serious problems – they are carriers of infectious diseases, for example, such as tuberculosis, typhoid and helminthiasis.

These insects feed through a long proboscis and prefer liquid food. Then, as soon as they get into the kitchen, they first of all rush towards a mug of cold tea or compote, as well as a drop of honey on the table. As a result, the bacteria spread rapidly from the fly’s tail to food and garbage. If the larva lays eggs in food, then it can be poisoned. In particular, for this reason, doctors recommend not to eat outdoor snacks in hot weather.

Kak izbavitsya ot muh 1
Kak izbavitsya ot muh 1

Fly bites can cause irritation or even an allergic reaction, as well as itching. To avoid infection with insect bites, it is necessary to treat them with a disinfectant solution as soon as possible.

Most often, the problem is easier to prevent than to solve. If the windows are open in the warm season and it is possible to ventilate them, then it is worth installing grilles. Seal gaps, do not let doors open for long periods of time. In addition, it is possible to place several traps in the entrance and hang tapes on them so that a fly that has entered the house does not get to you. There is no need to leave food and drinks in the room, and dirty dishes in the sink, surfaces must be wiped, and bowls and pet toilets – clean. Garbage that is in closed cupboards and buckets attracts flies, so you need to take it out regularly. Kitchen or bathroom sink drains must be kept clean.

What are they going to


Self-made traps should contain bait – pieces of fruit, syrups, jam. Along with the destruction of flies and their larvae in the room, install screens on the windows so that new flies do not fly in, attracted by the smell from the trap. Instructions for making a trap are given below.


There are many options for a special adhesive tape for insects. It is hung from the ceiling or from a chandelier, the flies sit on a trap, stick and die. You can make a ribbon yourself: cut a strip of paper into strips, moisten them with rosin or resins in which castor oil or linseed oil, glycerin and sugar syrup are dissolved. Prepare the mixture in a water bath.


For their use in enclosed spaces where people and pets are present, it is best to choose enclosed spaces. Then close all windows and doors, install the fumigator into the socket, wait for the required time specified in the instructions for the tool. After that, the room must be ventilated, and it is advisable to install nets on the windows so that insects do not enter the apartment being treated.

Aerosol for surface spraying.

Insecticides must be used away from food and personal hygiene items. Make sure that outsiders do not enter the surface to be treated for a couple of hours – chemicals can harm pets. When using the sprayed substance, it is necessary to ventilate the room and wipe the surfaces on which the sprayed substance settles with a damp cloth.

Essential oils

Like many other insects, flies have a sense of smell. Light candles with citronella or an aroma lamp with lavender, basil, eucalyptus or mint essential oils. If you want to do this, then add them to the water and spray the doorframes and window sills with a spray bottle.


There are some herbs that have a pungent odor that repels flies. You can arrange in vases or put branches of wormwood, bird cherry, elderberry and nettle in a room with flies. Both fresh and dried plants will come in handy – for some time they also spread a bright aroma around.


For flies, this is very important, they love light. If you darken the room and leave only one of the windows open, the likelihood that insects will fly out. This method is relevant only if there is something in the room that may interest them – drinks, food, dirt and garbage. But in this case, the flies will continue to feed and multiply, even if they leave the apartment.

Vacuum cleaner and fly swatter

There is an old proven way to kill some insects – physical impact, folded newsprint or commercially available fly swatters will do. If you want to collect the flies, then you will have to use a vacuum cleaner and then throw away the trash bag. But such methods are good if there are one or two insects in the apartment or the owners want to get rid of stress.

Kak izbavitsya ot muh 2
Kak izbavitsya ot muh 2

Professional disinfection

If the number of insects has reached a critical point, it is worth contacting pest control specialists. Specialists will treat the premises

What can you make a fly trap out of?

In this case, you will need a plastic bottle with the neck cut off. It must be borne in mind that there must be some kind of sweet bait inside. Next, a paper sheet folded into a tube is placed inside the bottle with a tip, so that the tip does not touch the liquid. The flies will have to climb inside and fly out through a narrow hole.

Another trap option is with soap suds. At the bottom of the jar, table vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing detergent are poured. A cling film is placed in the bottom of the jar, and then a hole is made through which the flies can seep inside.

Disinfector of the DEZ_Hunter disinfection service Petr Fisenko

How can you use the herbs that are in the house if there are pets in it?

And repellent plants and many essential oils have a strong smell that irritates and disorients insects. With these phytoncides they secrete, they can kill flies. However, insects cannot be in close proximity to a person (because they quickly leave the room), and they also quickly leave the room. They should be used with caution, pets may be allergic to these smells, so it is worth isolating them while using the products.

Is it necessary to carry out additional surface treatment with flies or not?

Do not forget that flies can carry dangerous infections and diseases. That is why, first of all, you need to ensure that food does not get food on which insect eggs were found. On the tables, it is necessary to regularly wipe the surfaces of dining tables with soda solution, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetable salads before use, and do not leave ready meals in the open. There is nothing attractive in the clothes and textiles of these insects.

When the situation is critical and it is necessary to call professionals?

And if two or three flies flew into the apartment through the window – this is not a disaster, you can deal with them on your own (for example, using Velcro or aerosol) and they will not cause severe damage. The critical situation is the moment that, in the absence of an obvious source, the appearance of flies becomes more and more. If there is no dampness in the apartment, there are mosquito nets on the windows, the garbage chamber in the entrance is in proper sanitary condition, and flies appear regularly and in large numbers – this is a reason to turn to specialists. However, as a rule, a fly’s nest can be found in the most inaccessible corners of the apartment: for example, on the windowsill, in the ventilation shaft, in the pantry or in the apartment itself. Only an experienced orderly can determine the cause of the insect and correctly eliminate it.

How is the process of processing the premises by professionals?

A cold fog generator is used to kill flies in the apartment. This is a method of spraying insecticides with air, in the form of aerosols, with particles no larger than 100 microns. During processing, smoke or a cloud with a fine dispersion of the substance is released throughout the entire space of the room, enveloping it and penetrating into all cracks and hard-to-reach areas. Processing time depends on the area of ​​​​the apartment, usually 30-40 minutes. After three hours, you can return to the apartment and ventilate it well for an hour. All disinfectant agent recommendations that were given during processing do not pose any threat to people and pets.

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