How to get rid of wasps in the country

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Agree, a wasp sting is not the most pleasant thing that can happen to you. Here we will try to talk about some methods of dealing with these insects, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

How to deal with wasps in the country

Many summer residents often talk about the beneficial properties of wasps. Such as, for example, help in the fight against harmful leafworms, leaf beetles, bears, etc. Yes, of course, all this is true … but they forget how painful and dangerous the bite of this insect can be.


The most proven way to get rid of this problem is to call a specialist who has enough experience and skills to protect you from an attack by a swarm of wasps, in which case. There are also several other methods of insect control, if for some reason you do not have the opportunity to contact specialists in this field.


The first thing to start with is, of course, your personal safety. It must be remembered that wasp stings are quite dangerous, so it is recommended to protect your body from this unpleasant situation. Wear as much loose clothing as possible and try to tuck all the edges of the sweater under the belt, gloves, and pants into boots. You can also use a protective suit, if necessary.

It should be remembered that wasp nests are most often located in dark corners, so do not forget about the need for a lantern in such cases. Make sure you have adequate lighting.

If we are talking about earthen wasps, then do not forget to take a bucket (or several) of earth with you so that, if necessary, you can quickly react and cover the swarm with it. But remember that in this case, there may be several entrances to the nest.

Also think about antihistamines and prepare ice cubes in advance, which, in case of failure, can be applied to the bite site. If it causes a severe allergic reaction in you, then take care of the presence of a tourniquet that will prevent the poison from being absorbed.

wasp sting

Don’t forget about your loved ones too. During the “fight” with the hornet’s nest, make sure that your family, friends or pets are not near you. Hide them in a place inaccessible to wasps.

The next point, which slightly contradicts the previous one, is not to fight wasps alone! Remember that the situation may be unforeseen: an allergic reaction can cause various problems in the form of dizziness, swelling, suffocation, etc. In these cases, you just need a person who will come to the rescue.

Also consider the moment of retreat. What exactly will you do if you fail to destroy the swarm the first time.


There are various chemicals that fight harmful insects – insecticides. When using them, make sure that they do not harm your pets or harmless insects. Also remember that when destroying adult wasps, you must also get rid of the larvae. This is not easy, since wasps most often build their homes in inaccessible places, for example, in the ground.

These chemicals have different forms of release – powders, gels or adhesives. These are most often used for traps. If we talk about destruction, then here, as a rule, sprays or concentrates are used for further spraying.

Wasp fighting

Preparations for the fight against wasps

One of the best known insecticides is boric acid . It does not have a pronounced smell and successfully copes with its task as a poisoned bait.

The next one is the well-known Dichlorvos . It was considered the most popular chemical drug and killed a huge number of harmful insects. Now, its use has been banned, as it has excessive toxicity.

A well-known remedy is Delta Zone . A concentrated substance that does not have a strong odor that can scare away wasps. That is why it is used in poison baits.

The modern insecticide is Goet . It also does not have a strong odor and is suitable for both baiting and destroying nests. It should be noted that it extends its action to other insects.

OtOS is a substance that contains insecticides and a fragrance to attract wasps. It is a ready made tool. Note that the drug does not apply to these bees.

There are also aerosol preparations such as Bros, Super Cobra, Mosquitol, Hedgehog gel and various traps, such as Taiga or Argus Garden.


If we talk about glue for insect control, then they all operate on the same principle – this product should be applied to cardboard, and then lay out the bait. The disadvantages of this tool are that they are not able to get rid of the entire swarm at once, and can also attract other insects, not just wasps.

Next, we will talk about folk remedies for combating wasp swarms.

Perhaps the most popular method of dealing with wasps is a bait trap, which you can make yourself or buy in a store.

For a homemade trap, you only need a plastic bottle. It is necessary to cut off the upper third of the bottle and place it in the second part upside down. Something sweet and fermented is poured to the bottom in the form of, for example, jam, a spoiled apple or something similar, because slightly spoiled foods can attract wasps (most often not suitable for bees). Do not forget to add an insecticide to such a bait, which will not have a pronounced pungent odor. It should be noted that the sweet bait should only be at the bottom and not touch the very neck of the bottle!

Trap for wasps from a plastic bottle

Attention! If you use our next suggested method, don’t forget to wear protective clothing as it is very unsafe. It is necessary to pour some kind of insecticide into the most dense plastic bag and fasten it sharply to the nest. The edges of the bag must be attached to a flat surface. It is impossible to remove the package for several days and do not forget to tap it with a stick before removing it and listen carefully. You can also use a bucket without a handle or a saucepan, you will need to substitute a stepladder under it. After removing the nest, also treat this place with a chemical agent.

It should be said that autumn or spring is best for destroying wasp nests, that is, the period before their settlement. If this fails, then spray the nest with insecticides in the evening. Then the wasps are the least active.

An unpleasant fact: wasps can arrange their nests not only in the attic or on the ground … sometimes insects climb into the cracks of walls or floors. It is very difficult to drive them out of such hard-to-reach places. For such a case, we have the following method.

You will need to take a plastic or rubber tube. Attach one end of the tube to the cylinder, which must first be filled with insecticide, and insert the other end into a slot in the wall or floor. Do not forget to cover other entrances and exits from which wasps can fly out (for example, fill with mounting foam). Next, inject the poison from the balloon into the hole and leave the tube for 10-15 minutes until all insects die. After that, it is necessary to close up this hole in order to avoid the settlement of new wasps.

Also keep remembering to protect yourself! Indeed, if you do not close up any hole or gap, insects can fly out of it and sting you. Be careful. Remember that in the room where this method is used, there should be no strangers and pets.

If wasps fly into your home through the ventilation system, then be sure to close this hole with a mosquito net, after soaking it with insecticide or at least vinegar solution.

Another very original way can be noted. We stumbled upon this video quite by accident. On it, a man who had difficulty getting to a hornet’s nest (it was in the attic) used a vacuum cleaner with a long pipe. The end of this pipe was brought to a hole in the roof, from which the wasps flew out. And so it turned out that all the insects that tried to leave the nest were sucked into the vacuum cleaner. It should be noted that this method is very dangerous and lengthy, so it is better to fix the vacuum cleaner hose with a long nozzle on some kind of holder.

The disadvantages of this method is that after being sucked into a vacuum cleaner, the wasps are still alive, so think about destroying them in advance. Also, this method does not involve breeding larvae. Well, the extreme minus – you run the risk of making the swarm very angry.

Based on all of the above, we sincerely advise you to still contact a specialist at the initial stage, without resorting to other methods of self-destruction of these insects.

We wish you good luck and may this problem bypass you!

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