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Greens on the windowsill – beautiful and delicious

Knowing how to grow green onions at home, even in winter you can serve fragrant greens to the table. I use a special cylinder for baking green onions, which takes up little space, but gives a large harvest, which is especially important in a small apartment. My cylinder is easy to move from place to place, looks very decorative on the windowsill and serves me for many years.

Making a “bed” for onions

Everyone can make such a bed at home on the windowsill. The main part is a tall cylinder made of plastic (or a narrow bucket, a basket for papers). The height can be any height. I set the cylinder on a deep tray, which collects water.

For planting the bulbs drilled holes with a diameter of about 1.5 centimeters. The distance between the holes, arranged in staggered order, 5 centimeters.

Planting the bulbs and baking green onions on the windowsill

The cylinder is filled with substrate. I used sawdust, but you can take moss, peat or loose soil. For carrying the bed from the top attached a handle of rectangular shape. Inside the cylinder is a watering tube with a thickness of 3-4 centimeters, along the entire length of which there are small holes. The bottom of the tube should be tightly closed.

Burning green onions begins in mid-December. The most lush greens at home gives multigenerous onions like shallots. Before planting, I cut off the tops and soak the bulbs in a pink solution of manganese for 6-10 hours.

At the bottom of the cylinder, I pour the scalded sawdust to the level of the first holes, then insert the bulbs from the inside with the sprouted end outward and fill with sawdust. I put them all the way to the top.

The last bulbs are planted close to each other, filling all the space around the watering tube. Every 2-3 days I water with standing water.

After a couple of weeks, young sprouts appear, and soon the whole cylinder is green. After 35-40 days, the onions are ready for cutting.

It is possible to stretch the pleasure. To do this, I plant the bulbs one row at a time in 5-7 days. Thus, all 10 rows are filled within 1.5-2 months, and the last bulbs I plant when the lower rows are ready for cutting.

This way you can extend the harvesting period and have the greens on the table from January to mid-March. And how beautiful! The green, soft stump pleases the eye all winter. Now you know how to grow green onions at home and you can please yourself and your loved ones with fragrant and healthy greens even in winter.

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