How to process potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle

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Potatoes are not in vain called the second bread, they are grown in almost every garden plot. Coming from the nightshade family, it does not require special care, the biggest problem is the fight against the Colorado potato beetle. If no action is taken, this pest can destroy most of the plantings, if not completely destroy. Means to combat it are used by spraying, so let’s try to figure out how long the potatoes are pollinated from the beetle and by what means.

Briefly about the beetle

This is a fairly large insect, with a yellow body and black stripes on the shell. It got its name in the century before last after the name of the state of Colorado of the same name, where the entire crop was destroyed due to the invasion of beetles. It hibernates in the soil, with the advent of heat it gets out to the surface. Only adults can endure severe cold, younger ones die. This pest does not completely eat the greens, it gnaws at it, replenishing the loss of moisture.

Processing potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle

The safest and most environmentally friendly method is to pick beetles from bushes by hand. In addition to adult insects, larvae are also collected, which are located on the lower part of the leaf. The collection is carried out in 2 stages – first, beetles are collected, then immobile larvae and laid eggs. All manipulations are best done with gloves, pests are collected in a bucket, and then poured with kerosene and burned, or simply placed in a strong salt solution.

The best time to deal with the beetle is before germination. Make bait for them: pieces of tubers or potato peels are placed in a solution of karbofos or chlorophos for 5 hours. To prepare the solution, take 5 tbsp. funds per liter of water. Such baits are used both before planting and after harvesting. Having tried it, the pests die.

How to process potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle
The safest and most environmentally friendly method is to pick beetles from bushes by hand.

The pest is very susceptible to all sorts of odors. This feature is successfully used to combat the beetle: plants with a strong odor (dill, calendula, marigolds, legumes) are planted in the aisles. This will not ensure a complete victory, but it will significantly reduce the army of pests who want to feast on fresh greens.

Another way is to use onion skins, preferably with onion pieces, which are laid out between the rows. Rotting onions exude a sharp unpleasant odor that repels insects.

Plantings are also treated with a solution of birch tar, for which 100 g of tar and 10 liters are taken. water. Processing is carried out no more than 2 times a month.

How to spray potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle

You can always make your choice of how to treat potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle: mustard, decoctions of various plants or chemicals. Let us dwell in more detail on the types of chemicals used and folk remedies.

How to process potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle
Spraying potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle


The beetle does not like toxic drugs, including nicotine. To prepare a spray solution, take a pound of dry tobacco or use tobacco from cigarettes (10 packs are required). Then it is poured with 10 liters of water and infused for 2 days. Also, the composition of the solution includes soap (40 grams), rub it on a grater, then add a little water to make it liquid. Soap is added to the infused mixture and the bushes are sprayed.

If the proposed method does not help, chemicals are used. Good results for “Karate”, “Decis”, “Marshal”, “Sumi-Alpha”, “Sonnet”.

How to process potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle

Rules for the use of chemicals for processing

Chemicals have a detrimental effect not only on insects, but also on humans, their use requires special care.

1. Spray products carefully, it is strictly forbidden for pregnant women and children on the site.

2. During spraying, it is forbidden to take any food and drink.

3. Only special devices (sprayers) are used. Improvised means such as brooms, watering cans, are prohibited.

4. After carrying out the work, the clothes are removed and sent for washing, the sprayer is washed with water. Hands and face are washed with soap, then you can take a shower.

6. It is forbidden to be on the site for the first two days after spraying.

7. Processing is carried out no later than a month before harvest.

How to process potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle
Spraying potatoes should be carried out in a respirator

Folk remedies

If you have a problem with how to spray potatoes in August from a beetle, use folk remedies. They are safe and will not cause harm. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Horsetail and dandelion are taken in equal proportions, poured with water, the resulting mixture is brought to a boil. For spraying, take 0.5 liters of infusion per bucket of water.

Tincture of garlic

Prepared from 200 gr. chopped garlic, you can use both arrows and heads. It is mixed with 10 liters of water and laundry soap (40 gr.).

If the size of your site is small, you can treat the plants with a safe biopreparation “Bitoxibacillin”. For 10 liters of water, 200 gr. drug. The first spraying is carried out at the first appearance of larvae, as well as a large number of adults. The drug destroys up to 90% of adults, and the larvae die almost completely. After a couple of weeks, the treatment is repeated. Per 100 sq.m. the site will require 4 liters of working solution.

How to process potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle
The fight against the Colorado potato beetle folk remedies

In addition to using various solutions, there is another very curious way. The breed of chickens “Faverol” will help get rid of harmful insects without any chemicals. The method is based on the fact that chickens are fed with finely chopped potatoes and tops. At the age of 1 month, Colorado potato beetles, crushed into powder, are added to food. The dose is increased daily. Three-month-old chickens, not previously fed, are released to the site. As a result, hungry chickens destroy almost all pests.

So, we looked at several ways to deal with the Colorado potato beetle. The mechanical method is suitable for small areas, folk methods are harmless to humans, but, unfortunately, they are not always effective and do not destroy the larvae. The Colorado potato beetle eventually develops immunity to drugs, so the means used must be alternated. Fulfillment of this condition will make pest control as effective as possible.

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