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British sociologists have found out which smells seem the most pleasant to the British. According to the results of the survey, the aroma of freshly cut grass and flowers came out on top. Indeed, it is easy for owners of houses with lawns and cottages to surround themselves with their favorite aromas.

If you want your favorite aromas to accompany you everywhere, plant plants along paths and paths with the smells that you like. Of these, you can make borders – strips up to 50 cm wide (taking into account growth), or plant them in curtains (groups of several pieces).

Undersized plants are suitable for planting along paths, for example, ground cover perennials (thyme, or thyme, undersized varieties of oregano, alissum). At the same time, it is recommended to plant flowers with the lightest shades of pink, lilac and white near the house: these colors disappear last in the night, lengthening the twilight.

Thyme, in addition, can be used in decorating a step-by-step path by planting it in the cracks (in the gravel bed) between the tiles. At the same time, one should not be afraid to step on it – when injured, it additionally releases a persistent aroma and quickly recovers.

Paving garden
By analogy with decorating a step-by-step path, you can make a small paving garden: just remove some tiles or stones and plant plants in the vacated places. They don’t have to be all aromatic. These can be various stonecrops (sedums), juveniles, saxifrages that grow well in gravel (remaining under paving tiles), low cereals. When planning a paving garden, remember that its beauty lies in the combination of stones and plants, so both should be clearly visible. It is not necessary to close them with tall plants, choose pillow-shaped plants up to 25-30 cm tall for planting.

It is not recommended to plant plants with heavy odors (lily, strong-smelling lilac varieties, etc.) along the paths or near the resting place , which may cause a headache and a feeling of malaise. Such plants are best placed somewhere in the depths of the garden or away from the house and the path (if the area is small). Then the aroma will be weaker and more pleasant.

Container garden
A good solution for a “garden of aromas” can be a container garden, which can be moved to a house during the cold season, where it will not only please the eye and smell, but also serve as an additional source of immunity stimulation at any time of the year. In containers, you can grow thermophilic plantswho wintering in the ground is doubtful. These include rosemary, laurel, various citrus fruits (lemon, lime, tangerine), roses, some herbs (basil, tarragon, cumin, etc.).

Containers with plants are placed where it is convenient – you can along the path, you can at the entrance to the house, you can at the place of rest or eating. Place flowerpots with herbs and spicy-flavoring plants near the place for cooking or eating so that you can use them – after all, they were planted not only for beauty!

It should be borne in mind that pots for indoor plants will not always look beautiful on the street, it is better to use special garden flowerpots or containers for a container garden. On this occasion, you will always be advised by sellers of specialized stores and garden centers.

Things to remember
Be careful with smells! They can make allergies worse. After all, odors are plant pollen that causes an allergic reaction. Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will be surprised how different fragrant plants sometimes look original in one flower bed – noble roses and dill, orange calendula and blue catnip, magnificent monarda and elegant eryngium.

When planning a separate flower bed of aromatic plants , it is necessary to take into account the flowering calendar and the peak of aroma during the day. You can get this information from a garden center specialist, find it in specialized literature or on the Internet.

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