Kubota L2800 4WD problem

kubota l2800 Problems

I feel really stupid, but I was driving my Kubota L2800 on the main road in high gear when the front wheels locked. I put the tractor in reverse and rocked it and the wheels came off. I went 30 feet and did it again, then I realized the tractor was in 4WD. After putting it in 2WD and shaking it, the wheels came off. It seems to be fine now, but I was wondering what could be harmed by my stupidity.

kubota l2800 46

I always have the loader on. I have had my backhoe and loader on. I have a clampon receiver for my hub. So most of the time I tow with the trailer in my bucket. If I’m just moving things, I use the loader. I’ve towed both ways. I’m talking about dry pavement. Generally, if you run on 4 wheels on dry pavement with a loader you may notice black tire tracks. That is your front tires slip. I have felt binding and hump like on a vehicle before, but never felt it on the tractor. Maybe the grass tires make a difference, I have ag on my 3400, with a full rear. I’m not saying that binding wouldn’t cause that, but I’ve had mine for almost 6 years. I’ve never had a problem. There is a small housing in the trans which is where the front driveshaft comes out. Maybe something there. The front axle and the axle always moves with the front wheels. The 4×4 change only disconnects it in the transmission. If it never crashes out of 4×4 it may be a problem there. Good luck, hope you find your problem.
Take a good look at the fuel lines to see if any of them look wet. Sometimes they can be wet (fuel leaking) but they do not leak and then in turn they can suck air which does not let it run well.

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