Kubota L2800 hyd. problems

kubota l2800 Problems

I changed all the filters and hydraulic fluid on my 05 Kubota L2800, now the hydraulics are slow and skipping. The bucket jumps and jerks when lifted and the power steering is difficult and doesn’t turn at all unless the tractor is moving. Hydraulic level looks good on sight glass before starting but looks foamy like bubbles after running for a few minutes. My pit pup chewed on my manual, but I don’t recall anything about bleeding the system after switching [Pup is gone after chewing wiring on my van and 2 trailers] Tractor has 100 hours on it. Thanks

kubota l2800 44

With the tractor running, try to turn the steering wheel hard to the right and then to the left several times. when hydraulic fluid is shared with the power steering this will bleed the system.

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