Kubota L2800 PTO and service problem

kubota l2800 Problems

I bought an Kubota L2800 on May 18 and had the new valve for the 3-point hitch installed and I was very happy with the results. The next day I was working with a rotary tiller and the PTO started to make a screeching sound and the PTO stopped rotating. I took it to the dealership and it’s been 4 weeks and they still haven’t returned my tractor. I went to check the problem and they showed me what had happened.

The power take-off is connected by two round plates with ramp-shaped notches that are locked because one of the plates is loaded with a spring. The seller and I agreed that this is a poor system and I don’t see how it will hold up. The two locking notches on my tractor were rounded and did not engage properly. This tractor has a total of 20 hours of use and when this problem occurred I had used the plow for about 15 minutes.

The dealership said they are waiting for the parts. I have made two payments for this tractor and it has been in the shop more days than at home. I have called North Division headquarters and left messages and they have not returned my calls. I have sent an email to Kubota and have received no response. Today I receive a survey about the satisfaction of my new L2800 in the mail. I’ve had three other Kubotas and I’ve never had more than good luck with them. I have never had anything negative to say about Kubota so far, but I am seriously thinking about a tractor from another brand.

I use my tractor in my business and any downtime costs me not only money, but also dissatisfied customers. They gave me my old tractor that I traded in for another, which was the only good thing about this situation, but what is going to happen when it happens again, and from what I’ve seen the way the PTO was designed, it will. I know the warranty will take care of it, but I can’t go without a tractor for a month every time it happens. I ask to change for a B3030, but I will lose more than 1,000.00 for the 20 hours that I have put on it. What can a man do?

kubota l2800 40

I got a call Thursday from my dealer saying my tractor was ready for pickup. I went on Friday morning and picked it up. I sat down and talked to the head of service. My first question was what caused the PTO to shut off. He told me that the cable that meshes the power take-off was out of adjustment and that the two cams that engage the power take-off did not fit completely and that both were rounded. These cams are engaged by a spring that puts tension on one of the cam plates.

From what I’ve seen this design is a poor setup. The PTO is locked onto the PTO shaft by two cams that appear to be about 1/8 “X1 / 8” and locked in place by a spring. That may be fine for running a hog bush or finish mower, but for using a cultivator that has a lot more stamina, I just don’t see how it can hold up. I guess time will tell. I have a half acre lot that I have to till on Monday. Hope the cable is snug now and stays that way. I wonder what will happen if the cable stretches over time and becomes out of adjustment, will it happen again? It seems to me that the stakes are high as this cable is in the correct setting.
I got a call from Kubota, and they left me a message about my problems with this tractor, but they didn’t leave me a contact number and I haven’t heard from them since. I’m going to hope for the best with this tractor and give it another try. I have had three previous Kubotas and they have worked perfectly, but in my line of work 5 weeks of inactivity can put me out of business. If it happens again I will have to make a change that I thought I would never make.

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