Kubota L2800 PTO Problems

kubota l2800 Problems

My 2006 L2800 PTO started making that horrible clanking sound the other day described by others at TBN. So yesterday he went to the dealership for repair. In the past, I have been able to fit the PTO cable into the clutch arm of the PTO, which allowed it to function properly. But I ran out of adjusting thread on the cable. I should have them look at this before as I only have ~ 65 hours on the machine. But I don’t feel like visiting any dealership for repairs.

I just wanted to know if someone else has had this problem fixed. The dealer said that he would be covered under warranty but that they would probably have to “split” the tractor to access the PTO clutch parts if this turns out to be the problem. I guess it’s not a small job …

kubota l2800 42

I have a 2005 L2800 HST when I bought it had the new style of PTO (ratchet) after reading a thread on TBN I had my dealer install the new non ratchet PTO, it works great without noise. I recommend doing it while under warranty ($ 1700.00 job) I had the dealer save the old parts for me to see and saw the new parts before installation, they are very small, about 1 7/8 “in diameter.

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