Pepper pests in the greenhouse

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Pepper is a unique vegetable that has a large number of trace elements and vitamins. It contains a huge amount of potassium and magnesium, which are necessary for the functioning of the human body. But, its pleasant taste is liked not only by people, but also by pests that have to be fought to preserve the crop.

Pepper pests in the greenhouse

Every year, the vegetable undergoes the negative influence of insects that regale not only the fruits, but also the root system, stems, and leaves. There are a huge number of dangerous insects, but the following will be discussed about the most common.



Many gardeners often do not notice the whitefly. Her body is only 3-5 mm, the wings are fluffy, white, visually can be confused with an ordinary moth. Such pepper pests in a greenhouse can destroy a fairly large number of fruits in a short time. On their paws, insects carry fungal and infectious diseases, which cause the death of leaves.

Pepper pests in the greenhouse

There are several ways to deal with the whitefly pest:

1. In winter, bring the temperature in the greenhouse to 12 degrees for 3 days. After – disinfect the room with sulfur bombs. Remove the top layer of soil.
2. Use a hose to wash off the larvae and insects.
3. Launch ladybugs and lacewings into the greenhouse.
With a large degree of damage, you can use the chemical agents “Confidor”, “Mospilan”, “Vericillin”, “Fufanon”.

Colorado beetle

Most often, the Colorado potato beetle loves to feast on potatoes, but under the condition of total hunger, such a pest does not disdain pepper. The recognizable insect tolerates chemicals well, is resistant to cold and multiplies rapidly.

Pepper pests in the greenhouse

To fight it you need:

– regularly inspect plants;
– when bugs are found, carefully remove them, do not crush;
– nearby you can plant calendula or garlic;
– perform high hilling of pepper shoots;
– with a high degree of infection of the bushes, use Bitoxibacillin or Regent 800.


The insect has a rather impressive and intimidating appearance. The body is protected by a shell, and long dark wings and powerful limbs are designed for burrowing into the ground in winter. Medvedka feast on the underground part of the bell pepper, which causes the rapid death of the plant.

It is not easy to eliminate a bear, you should always adhere to the following actions:

– inspect the soil for the presence of adults;
– in the summer, install light traps with kerosene;
– regularly loosen the soil, remove weeds;
– it is possible to use the preparations “Grizzly”, “Phenaksin”, “Bancol”.


Sweet pepper pests in a greenhouse that have a highly organized ant colony. They are attracted by aphids and the fruits of pepper themselves. Insects protect and exploit aphids, for this reason they must be removed in a complex manner.

Pepper pests in the greenhouse

There are several ways to fight ants:

1. Destroy the uterus.
2. Destroy the anthill with boiling water, hot ash or kerosene.
3. Use chemicals.


Microscopic worms that are in the soil can lead to the sudden death of the plant. Their action is similar to an ordinary crop failure. You can identify them by dug up the root system of bell pepper. In the presence of filamentous and twisted roots with thickenings in the form of “glomeruli”, a diagnosis of “nematodes” can be made.

To deal with them, you can use one of several methods:

1. Pour boiling water over the soil and cover the zones with a film for several hours.
2. Eliminate the earth layer to a depth of 50 cm.

spider mite

An “invisible” pest that can easily destroy a bell pepper bush in a couple of months. Determining a tiny insect – its size is 0.5 mm, is quite difficult. It is faster to determine it by the defeat of the plant – twisted leaves, cobwebs on the back of the leaves.

Pepper pests in the greenhouse

You can fight him:

– spraying the plant with water;
– use chemicals “Fitoverm”, “Inta-Virom”, “Karbofos”

naked slugs

The most voracious pests that can consume the soft shoots of bell peppers in a few nights. It is quite easy to identify a slug by the mucus it leaves behind. Insects “eat” at night.

You can get rid of slugs by:

— regular inspection of the territory;
– mowing grass and weeds;
– if parasites are found, you can use black pepper or lime scattered along the beds;


Scoops are common pests of bell pepper in the greenhouse, in nature there are more than 100 species. A small butterfly, which has the color of the bark of a tree, is faintly visible on a bell pepper bush. An individual caught in a greenhouse is able to lay larvae, which later become green caterpillars that feast on the leaves of the plant.

Pepper pests in the greenhouse

You can prevent moth parasitism by:

– regular mowing of weeds, especially flowering ones;
– if there are caterpillars, collect them manually;
– use chemicals “Decis”, “Arrivo”, “Zolon”.


Aphids are a dangerous and alarming “beast” capable of destroying an entire planting of bell peppers. Aphid colonies are very voracious and attract other parasitic ants.

Therefore, the struggle must be complex:

– launch ladybugs and hoverflies into the greenhouse;
– plant dill, garlic, fennel, coriander nearby;
– apply the preparations “Fitoverm” and “Argavertin”.


Small translucent insects with wings and a conical head can spoil the harvest of bell pepper in a matter of weeks. They feed on plant sap by sucking it out of the stems. In addition, thrips can infect a bush with a fungal or viral infection. It is necessary to fight it with the help of abundant watering of the foliage of the plant, or spray it with a tincture of onion and garlic diluted with water.

Thus, you can enjoy the fruits of bell pepper with pleasure if you regularly monitor the health and condition of the bushes in a greenhouse environment.

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