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The filling for pies from any kind of dough can turn simple savory pies, pastries with sweet filling into your favorite pie with a delicious filling. What fillings can be made for pies, how to make them tasty, what a good filling should be, you need to understand the hostess before making a delicious and beautiful pie at home.

The fillings of large pies from fillings to small pies, pizzas, often differ in composition and the presence of jellied pies in open pies. Pie dough is usually wrapped in a raw, boiled or fried filling. Delicious pies are made from soft dough and a filling inside the pie that does not leak out, made from one product or consisting of 3-5 types of products. One by one, they are immediately wrapped in kurniki and kulebyaka.

Tester recommended. Using the knowledge of the basic rules for preparing toppings, you will be able to independently compose original toppings and bake delicious yeast pies in the oven, in the microwave and in the slow cooker. If you know how to cook simple pies in a pan, you can cook them on a shortbread or rich yeast base with your favorite toppings.

What can be made from pie dough

A variety of products can be used as a filling for pies. As a filling for pies in the oven, in a slow cooker, in a microwave, sweet fillings are used. In addition to sweet, quick semi-sweet pies with salty fillings in a pan are delicious. And you can put absolutely anything you want in pies. An open oven cake that has been closed can be prepared very simply using the right dough and toppings.

What dish to serve with a pie, recipes for pie fillings.

  1. Sausage: sausage (sausages) and grated cheese, you can use fresh garlic as a filler, but without garlic is also good.
  2. Mashed potatoes with fried onions.
  3. Cabbage-mushroom: Potatoes with fried onions and mushrooms
  4. Lean: fried or salted mushrooms, or salted and peppered with raw onions, lightly poached in oil.
  5. Raw fish with salted onions and spices, salt and pepper.
  6. Meat: boiled chicken flesh, cut into pieces and seasoned with lightly fried onions.
  7. Minced meat stuffed with meat, rice or potatoes is very tasty.
  8. Cabbage: fresh cabbage with boiled egg, onion or mushrooms.
  9. Liver (liver): chicken, pork or beef liver, any liver that is pre-boiled and mixed with onions.
  10. Green onion, onion, mixed with hard boiled egg or boiled rice.
  11. Steamed poppy and honey.
  12. Walnut: crushed pieces of walnut kernels mixed with honey.
  13. Salted cottage cheese with a green onion or sweet curd mass with raisins
  14. Winter sweet fillings: berry jam, marmalade or jam from berries, fillers with fruit slices and zucchini from fruits.
  15. Winter and summer options include a bird cherry filling of ground bird cherry with honey and a filler with dried fruits.
  16. Ingredients: fresh berry fillings: with strawberries and raspberries; with blueberries. Sweet and sour: with currants, with lingonberries. Berry fillers are often supplemented with whipped cream and cream of whipped proteins.
  17. Fresh apples, pears, peaches, apricots are used as sweet fruit fillers. Favorite desserts are juicy and sweet toppings made from frozen plums, canned peaches or fresh fruit.
  18. This filling is very popular among lovers of homemade pies. It has a pleasant lemon taste and aroma. Such products have a pleasant delicate taste with notes of sourness and a sweet aftertaste.
  19. In the summer, as a rule, they make a pie of rhubarb, carrots, pumpkins, spinach and sour sorrel. Pies and pies with sorrel are sour, so they must first be sprinkled with sugar.
  20. With tangerines or oranges, pies are usually baked in the oven, a slow cooker is used to make homemade pies, and charlottes, wet muffins with tangerines, lemons or oranges are cooked in a microwave oven.

Due to the variety of options, filling recipes, housewives often refuse to buy ready-made products, bags and kurniks in favor of their homemade pies, which they bake themselves.

Pie filling.

Today, pies are an essential attribute of the festive table and not only. The pie got its name from the word “feast”, pies were usually baked for guests, they were treated to pies at weddings, folk parties, they enjoyed delicious pastries in the family.

Learning recipes for delicious pies is not difficult – for this you need to buy or make your own dough, as well as prepare the filling. The composition of mixed fillings includes several ingredients that must be combined together, and it turns out no less tasty than pies from the same type of fish or meat.

Thanks to the mixed filling, the cake acquires an original look and unusual taste. Make unusual pastries with unusual fillings at home.

  1. Pancake pie with curd filling.
  2. Pie with spinach and feta cheese from phyllo dough.
  3. Yk kun, quiche-loren with chicken breast and broccoli and mushrooms;
  4. Ossetian pies with beetroot tub and cheese.
  5. And, of course – fish stollen with salmon and spinach

The basis for such pies is made from pancake, puff or shortbread, yeast dough.

yeast dough pie fillings

List of the best toppings for yeast puff pastry pies.

Almost everyone loves yeast dough pies, they are baked closed, open and trellised, usually in the oven or in a frying pan. What can be prepared from yeast dough.

  1. Cabbage.
  2. Meat.
  3. A fish.
  4. Chicken.
  5. Porridge.
  6. Legumes.
  7. Eggs.
  8. Rice.
  9. Mushrooms.
  10. Onion.
  11. Potato.
  12. Canned fish.

Pie dough made from puff yeast.

When buying ready-made puff or yeast dough, they are often used at home for baking pies and quick strudel. A yeast puff pastry pie turns out to be very tender and fragrant, even a novice hostess can handle it. For the filling in the puff pastry, you can use both sweet and non-sweet options. If we want to make a savory pie, then it can be prepared using cottage cheese filling.

  1. Cheese composition.
  2. Boiled beef tongue, carrots and onions.
  3. With chicken breast, vegetables, mushrooms and potatoes.
  4. Grated cheese;
  5. The same freshly cooked cabbage.
  6. Pieces of ham;
  7. sausages with cheese;
  8. Canned fish with rice.
  9. Preparation:: Carrots poached in cream.
  10. Fresh greens;
  11. Sauerkraut.
  12. fresh mushrooms;
  13. Onion;
  14. Jam.
  15. Caramelization of apples.
  16. Pears;
  17. Fresh and frozen berries;
  18. poppy.

For sweet yeast dough pies, you can use a variety of fillings.

The best thing that can be done with a yeast dough pie is a filling of berries and fruits. Delicious sweet filling for pastry, puff pastry and puff pastry with yeast Fruit filler is well suited for yeast-free apple strudel, sweet tarts and puff pastries.

Delicious pies from childhood were remembered by many as lush and on yeast dough. Memories pop up in my memory about what delicious fillings our grandmothers made, what fragrant and tasty yeast pies they made on a baking sheet in the oven. The most delicious are oven pies and pies. Such a large sweet pie can be baked on a metal baking sheet in the oven and feed a large company of guests, treat yourself to homemade cakes.

How to make sweet pie filling at home? For a novice cook, the question of choosing a filling recipe is very important. To prepare a sweet filling for pies, use yeast dough or dough recipes with dry yeast.

After that, in order for the yeast dough to be raised high, it must be fermented and acidified well. And then the finished baking dough will be more tender and airy, without the presence of a yeasty sour smell. For a sweet filling, rich yeast dough is most often used. For sweet baking, you need to knead the fatty dough in butter or margarine with the addition of eggs and premium wheat flour.

Juicy sweet fillings for open pies and closed (lattice) pies.

  1. Frozen foods are used.
  2. With fresh fruits and berries
  3. With homemade cakes and jam.
  4. It was a radish with rhubarb.
  5. With nettle and sorrel;
  6. Cabbage
  7. cottage cheese.

It is best to add starch to the filling for sweet pies so that it does not spread and does not flow out during baking in the oven.

Juicy curd filling.

Soft sweet filling of cottage cheese is prepared very quickly, has a pleasant taste and aroma of vanilla. With such a filling, you can cook a sweet pie, cheesecakes or stuff sweet dumplings and stuff pancakes.

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