Preparing a bed for winter garlic is the main step on the way to a good harvest

preparing a bed for winter garlic is the main step on the way to a good harvest Blog

Growing winter garlic is a big harvest. However, this does not always happen if, for example, the landing site is poorly chosen or improperly prepared.

Preparing the beds for winter garlic – choose the time

Place and time of landing should be agreed in advance. Everything is individual and depends on the weather conditions in a particular region. But in general there are some time limits. It is recommended to start preparing a flower bed for winter garlic 1-1.5 months before planting it. This should be late summer or early fall.

After all preparations have been made, leave the flower bed untouched until planting. Planting day should be relatively dry and sunny. The site should not form dirt, and the soil should not become lumpy.

The landing date should be chosen based on the weather forecast or the folk calendar. On average, about 1.5 months remain before the onset of permanent cold weather. Garlic planted earlier will have time to germinate and die in the cold. If you plant them later, the bulbs will not take root and will give a poor harvest.

Selection and preparation of beds for winter garlic before winter

When choosing a flower bed for winter garlic, several important points should be considered:

  • A bed with winter garlic should be on a hill, not darkened. It should be a place open to sunlight. In early spring, the sun’s rays should be the first thing that warms this place.
  • Pay attention to your predecessors. Bulbs should be planted no earlier than 3-4 years after onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Winter cultivation is good after greens, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage.
  • Garlic grows well in fertile, loamy, neutral soils.

As a general rule, plants such as cucumbers, squash, and cabbage should always be planted on even, light ground. And on good fertile soil. So it will not be difficult for gardeners to choose a place to grow this winter plant.

Another thing is if this is the first flower bed. Here you have to work a little. After determining the site, it is necessary to study the quality of the soil on it. If the soil is heavy, dense and loamy, its composition should be adjusted.

Soil preparation for winter garlic

To improve the quality of the soil in the garden, you need to understand exactly what you are dealing with. If the soil is clay, add peat. In heavy and dense soils prone to moisture retention, sand and expanded clay are added. Everything you need can be purchased at specialized garden stores.

Preparing the soil for planting garlic begins with spreading humus or other organic matter. In no case should fresh manure be introduced – it contains a lot of weed seeds and pathogens of various diseases.

At the same stage, if necessary, peat, sand and expanded clay are added to the soil. All this should be turned over to a depth of about 20 cm. Then the substrate is leveled with a rake and lightly tamped. At this stage, when preparing the beds, all weeds and roots should be carefully removed. It is important that in early spring all your efforts are not blocked by weeds.

Soil preparation for growing garlic should be completed using copper sulfate. This must be done in order to protect plants from possible fungal diseases. After all the steps, cover the area with cling film and do not touch until you plant the garlic.

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