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The rose is called the “Queen of all flowers” or it is said that its fragrance is reminiscent of the “aroma of Paradise”. Often it is characterized by just such or similar wonderful words, so the early withering of these wonderful flowers is the most unpleasant fact.

The best varieties of roses with photos and descriptions

Park roses and floribunda, which is a group of several varieties of roses, were initially considered unconditional favorites in terms of flowering time. But over time, people have learned to breed long-flowering varieties in roses of any variety. Most often, inveterate summer residents opt for them, as they want to admire the beauty until the fall.

Fortunately, there are a considerable number of varieties of roses that can delight their owners throughout the three months of summer. Most are distinguished in the following varieties: polyanthus, wrinkled, hybrid tea and the park and floribunda roses already mentioned above.

Below we have given a list of the best varieties of roses, which are the most hardy and capable of favorable overwintering for their further flowering in their summer cottage.

Rose variety – Avila Palace

First on our list is Avila Palace . This variety is a variety of floribunda. Most often, such a rose has a red and rich pink color. If we talk about the best composition of your front garden, then this rose will look most colorful just as part of the border landscape. But this absolutely does not mean that it will not be so colorful if it is planted separately.

Bushes of this species can reach a height of up to one meter, and they are also more resistant to various diseases that a plant can “catch”. As already mentioned, flowering lasts all summer, however, if a favorable place for planting is chosen. This means that it should be, first of all, sunny and calm.


Rose variety – Iceberg

Iceberg is second on the list . Iceberg is a climbing rose that is indifferent and resistant to various climatic changes. Most often, summer residents use this variety specifically for decorating space. For example, to decorate arches, mesh fences, or simply to create some kind of colorful composition in the garden.

This plant takes root perfectly in any climatic zone and even under adverse conditions, the Iceberg bush will be resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew or black spot.


It should also be noted that its flowering is repeated, it lasts from the beginning of July and continues until mid-October. The bush itself can reach from 200 to 300 centimeters in height, about 100 centimeters in width, but the flower itself is no more than 6-7 centimeters.

Rose variety – Watercolor

Next, we will talk about such a hybrid tea rose, which is called Watercolor . It differs from others in incredible and completely different shades that change throughout its flowering. Its beauty can be appreciated even during the period of budding, what can we say about the time when the petals begin to bloom … it is simply unrealistic to take your eyes off them.

This rose can often be seen in various compositions of florists’ bouquets. The height of this bush is about 80-90 centimeters. This plant, like the aforementioned Iceberg, is also resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew and black spot.

Rose variety – Bonica 82

The next variety is Bonica 82 . It is rightfully considered the most versatile and is used in various roles, such as container growing, landscape gardening, as a scrub, etc. This rose deservedly received the ADR mark (Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheitenprufung), which means that its distinctive feature is reliability and resistance to various diseases and climatic extremes.

The flowers of this plant are pale pink, densely double, their diameter is about 6-8 centimeters. The bush itself can reach a height of one and a half meters. We also note that repeated flowering can be observed from mid-summer to the end of autumn.

Rose variety – Dominique Loiseau

Next on our list is a rose, which got its name in honor of the wife of one of the famous culinary specialists – Dominique Loiseau . It is distinguished by multiple snow-white flowers in the form of cups, which shower the bush very densely. Its height is not more than 60 centimeters. At the very beginning of flowering, you can notice pink specks on the inflorescences, later they brighten, and you completely stop seeing them on snow-white buds.

Most often, the rose is used as a scrub, ground cover, or also to create hedges. It is resistant to various diseases and blooms profusely throughout the entire period.


Rose variety – King Arthur

Here is the next variety on our list – King Arthur . It is a park rose, the flowers of which have an unusual pink-orange color. It also has an intense light fragrance. About forty inflorescences can be enclosed in one bud.

If we talk about the resistance of this plant, then it is not recommended to plant a bush where there is enough cold air or just a ventilated place, because after all, it has an average winter hardiness. The best solution is to plant it in well-fertilized soil and take care of it regularly, then there will be no problems at all. It should be noted that faded inflorescences must be removed, this heals the plant and makes it resistant to various diseases.

Rose variety – City of London

Next is the City of London . The City of London Floribunda Rose enchants us with its sweet fragrance and delicate pink coloration. This variety differs in that it does not require any special care or top dressing. The plant is quite simple and picky. Disease resistance is at a high level, the only thing I want to note is that it does not tolerate abundant humidity and temperature changes, so for the winter the bush must be cut and thoroughly covered. The rose can reach a height of one and a half meters.


Rose variety – Polka 91

Eighth on our list is Polka 91 . This rose has an incredible peach hue and wavy petals along the edge. One brush consists of 1-3 flowers. The bush itself can grow up to 2.5 meters in height, despite the fact that it seems to be very fragile. Most often, this variety is used for landscaping any vertical structures.

Flowering of this plant can occur three times in a warm climate, while in a cold one – at least twice in one season. Rose petals are very strong, they will not fall off even during very heavy rain and will be able to keep their shape for several days.


Rose variety – Rugosa Alba

And last on the list, but not least, the rose is Rugosa Alba . This variety, with a beautiful name, is a variety of wrinkled roses and wild roses. This plant is more like an ornamental shrub, it has large white flowers and golden stamens inside them. This variety does not require any special care, frequent pruning of inflorescences, which, by the way, can rather harm it in the form of a long recovery and disease.

Often this bush is a beautiful composition, together with other varieties and types of plants, forming a rose garden or, for example, a hedge. The bush is recommended to be planted in fertilized, favorable soil in order to avoid various types of diseases, because the plant’s resistance to them is average.

Above, we have given the most unpretentious, hardy and, nevertheless, the most colorful varieties of roses, which you definitely need to plant for the summer resident who wants to grow them, make incredible compositions and admire this beauty throughout the summer and up to mid-autumn.

It should also be noted that, of course, there are other varieties of roses that delight us with their repeated flowering, but here we have collected the Top 9 of the most popular and, at the same time, resistant plants.

Share your experience with us and wish you successful fruitful seasons!

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