RPM Kubota L2800 Troubleshooting

kubota l2800 Problems

My Kubota L2800 starts, runs and works perfectly. Only suddenly it doesn’t rev up above 1400rpm. I have removed the fuel tank and cleaned it, as well as the fuel lines, put in new fuel and air filters and checked the exhaust. Its seems to be a lot of travel on the link … it just doesn’t rev past 1400rpm, as if it governs itself. It can sustain the low speed of the engine without failing or sputtering and does not heat up and all gauges act properly. Does anyone know this?

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Another thought if yours has the little round knob on the injector pump used to prime the fuel system make sure it is closed. I have heard that if this is left open the engine will malfunction.
If it happened suddenly, I wonder if a governor spring has broken.

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