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The main success factor is water

When propagating Saintpaulia, the leaves are most often rooted in water, and always clean and soft. Water supply, lake, river, well can have different rigidity. Soft tap water can be successfully used even for rooting rather capricious varieties.

With an average hardness of water, the leaves form roots, although not so quickly, but some petioles begin to rot. Roots do not appear at all if the stiffness is too high. Boiling does not significantly reduce it, but it is necessary, otherwise green algae will begin to multiply in a bowl with leaves. Often use the water formed when thawing the freezer of the refrigerator. She’s soft enough. But it must be filtered through cotton wool (to remove food crumbs, fat), and then boiled. Many growers try to use rainwater for rooting. However, it often happens that with visible transparency, it contains substances harmful to plants, and the leaves die.

Distilled water is the most suitable. For rooting and propagation of several cuttings, 200-300 ml of water is enough. This amount is not difficult to obtain at home.

How to get distilled water for watering?

This requires enamelware – pots and two bowls of different sizes. Water is poured into a saucepan 1/4 of the volume, a smaller bowl is placed on a stand (you can use a clay pot or an empty tin can half-filled with sand). Another, larger one, cover the pot like a lid and fill it with cold water. The whole device is put on fire. When the boil starts, the steam condenses on the bottom of the top bowl and drops fall into the bottom bowl. So that the water does not heat up much at the top, it is necessary to regularly replace it with cold water. After some time, a little distilled water accumulates in the lower bowl, which is used to root the leaves of Saintpaulia. Many amateurs use this method.

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