Summer tomatoes from your garden all year round

summer tomatoes from your garden all year roundefbfbc Blog

Fall is coming and it’s time to think about preparing for the winter. We suggest you dilute the variety of canned jars with fresh seasonal vegetables. After all, in winter, you want even more vitamins! It will be very useful for all gardeners and gardeners to learn about the miracle way to store tomatoes all year round.

Harvesting tomatoes for the winter

If you grow a large number of tomatoes or are just used to buying seasonal tomatoes in bulk, then the method of freezing vegetables is exactly what you need. Freezing is a great option to attach a large amount of the crop, while retaining the maximum amount of vitamins.


As a rule, small fruits, such as plum varieties, are suitable for freezing. Frozen tomatoes are ideal for use in winter for cooking first courses, various sauces, gravies, frying, etc. There is a whole flight of culinary imagination.

tomatoes harvesting

For ease of use, we recommend portioned storage. Just pack whole tomatoes into small, thick bags and they won’t take up much space in your freezer.

frozen tomatoes

To save space, use a regular straw to suck out excess air from the bag. You can also use vacuum bags or freezer bags. Put the bags of tomatoes in the freezer box and in the winter you will be content with your summer tomatoes. This method allows you to store tomatoes all year round until the next harvest.


If you take out such a package in winter and let it thaw slightly, then you can very easily cut the tomato into circles and cook, for example, delicious pizza or some other dish. Thawed tomatoes can also be twisted in a blender along with herbs and garlic to make the most delicious sauce.

Freezing – tomatoes in winter


Instead of buying rubbery and tasteless tomatoes from the supermarket in the winter, it’s best to freeze your own from your garden.

You can also freeze cherry tomatoes, and completely different colors and sizes. In winter, they can be used to prepare a fresh salad, not to mention some other dishes and decorations. As they say: “everything ingenious is simple!”

We hope that our article turned out to be a real find for you and now you can surprise your home with fresh tomatoes right in the winter. We wish everyone a great mood, rich harvests and excellent tasty preparations.

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