The technology of growing abutilone from seeds at home

the technology of growing abutilone from seeds at home Blog

Description and characteristics of abutilone

The homeland of Abutilon (indoor maple or cord) is considered to be the tropics and subtropics. The plant belongs to the species of perennial shrubs from the Malvaceae family, from the genus of evergreen perennial and annual herbs, shrubs, semi-shrubs.


Indoor maple is a branching plant with brown bark. The leaves are large 8-10 cm, reminiscent of maple. Young shoots are rapidly gaining height, branching profusely at the very base. Flowering occurs in single or group ovaries, the inflorescences of the plant are bell-shaped, the size of the inflorescences varies up to 5 cm in diameter. 

Bright flowers of Abutilon

The fragrance of the fragrance does not occur in flowers, but it gives incomparable aesthetic pleasure. The main differences between the existing several types of abutilon is the bright color of the inflorescences, with numerous stamens. Flowering occurs in the wild from April to December. During flowering, the plant is covered with large and bright flowers. 

Not all species are found in culture. Hybrids and ornamental varieties have been developed. A feature of the hybrid form is a longer flowering period, as well as variations in the shape of leaves and flowers, a variety of colors. The rope is ideal for landscaping large premises, winter gardens and rooms.

Abutilon stalk

Having assembled various varieties and types, continuous flowering can be achieved only from abutilons alone. By grafting, unusual varieties can be obtained. There are more than 100 plant species.
Depending on the species, the plant is propagated by both cuttings and seeds. At home, indoor maple develops well, it is easy to care for and not whimsical. In winter, the culture is transferred to a dry, bright and cool place at a temperature of 10-15 degrees, watering is reduced, but the soil should not be dry either. When the temperature rises, watering is increased.

In one season, indoor maple can grow up to one and a half meters, so you need to provide for shortening in early spring or autumn. You should not forget about top dressing. In summer, the plant is placed on the sunny side, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Pests can cause a serious problem to indoor maple; special means of protection are used in the fight against them.

How to grow Abutilon from seeds at home

Abutilon seeds

A more convenient way to propagate indoor maple is by seeds. You can use seeds collected at home or bought in a store. Obtaining high-quality material can be obtained in the presence of several plants located nearby. Pollination occurs according to the method of wind and insects; if kept indoors, use a brush with a soft bristle for pollination. The shelf life of seeds is not more than two years. 

Requirements for a healthy and strong plant:

  • seed preparation;
  • soil features;
  • temperature and watering;
  • pick;
  • proper care of seedlings.

Seed preparation

A feature of the preparation of seeds is the violation of the integrity of the shell of the grain. For such a procedure, it is necessary to damage the seed with a hard tool. This should be remembered, because without breaking the top layer, the seeds will not germinate. Next, the seed material is soaked for a day in a stimulant, for example, root, epin, and wrapped in a damp cloth. Looking forward to pecking.

For sowing seeds, use the usual mixture for seedlings of garden plants, it is mixed with perlite or sand. You can disinfect by steaming the substrate. At the bottom we lay out a layer of drainage in the form of: pebbles, expanded clay, chopped needles. Excellent plants are gaining growth in peat-humus tablets. The soil is poured into boxes and taken out to a lighted warm place until germination. For outdoor plants, seeds are sown at the very beginning of January, then the plant will begin to please with its flowering in six months.

Landing dates

The best time to grow indoor cord will be spring. Seeds are laid in a shallow jar and sprinkled with earth by 5 mm. We set the jars in a clarified warm place, covered with glass. It is strictly forbidden to allow the soil to dry out during the development of the seedling. In the first week of growth, intensive lighting and additional heat will be required. Seedlings will emerge in the second or third week. With the advent of the first true leaf, indoor maple dive into a larger container, the seedlings will spend about 3 months in them, completely filling the entire substrate with roots. With proper care, the plant will turn into a small bush during this time, after transplanting it will begin to bloom.

Why is it worth growing abutilon from seeds?

In fresh seeds of indoor maple, increased germination, subject to the technology of planting and care, will allow to achieve a large amount of high-quality and healthy material. Plants obtained by sowing seeds are easier to adapt to the environment. By sowing several species in one pot, you can get an interesting flower arrangement.

Correct dive seedlings

For diving, you can use the same soil in which the seedling grew. Moisten the earth, make a deepening. Pick up the seedling with a stick and place a recess, then sprinkle with soil. It should not be strongly tamped – the roots should be free.

Abutilone care at home

Where to choose a place for indoor maple?

The cord is a light-loving flower, so you need to allocate a place for it closer to the window, but direct sunlight is undesirable. In summer, flower pots can be put outside, avoiding strong drafts and rains.

Transplant and how to choose a container

It is important to know that abutilon needs to be transplanted every year into a larger container. For this plant, you cannot use a pot “for growth”, this will delay the growth of green mass and flowering, since the root system cannot be filled with an earthen clod. The capacity is selected a little more than the previous one.

Watering and humidity

On hot summer days, we increase watering, and in winter it is necessary to ensure that the earth does not dry out. Watering is best done with melted or settled water. Cold water from the tap should not be watered the plant. In winter, daily spraying of green mass is necessary, because due to central heating, the leaves can curl and fall off.

top dressing

To feed abutilon, organic and mineral fertilizers are used , it is necessary to alternate them with each other. A long flowering period and rapid flower growth require constant nutrition, which means that we feed the plant 1 time in 14 days, from the beginning of spring to late autumn. In winter, fertilizers are not applied. If the cord began to throw off the foliage – look for the reason without delay, perhaps a pest has wound up or a disease has begun.

Crown formation

The desired shape of the bushes is given by cutting the length of the stems up to 20-30 cm. This allows you to achieve the correct branching at the base 2-3 cm from the ground. After some time, their length again reaches 20-25 cm, they are again subject to halving.

How to propagate indoor maple cuttings

By pruning the plant at the end of summer, cuttings can be obtained. For this, branches with internodes of at least 2-3 pieces are selected. They are freed from the remaining flowers and buds, the lower leaves are removed, and placed in water, covered with a bag. After a few days, a thickening will appear at the end of the stem and the beginnings of new roots. The cuttings are kept at temperatures above 22 degrees.

To prevent the roots from rotting in water, a few crushed pieces of charcoal or an activated charcoal tablet are lowered to the bottom.

The cuttings are transplanted into pots when the length of the roots reaches 3-7 cm. The container size is suitable with a diameter of 7 cm. Drainage is first laid out at the bottom and the soil is poured out. Having distributed the plants in pots, it is necessary to sprinkle them with a moist soil mixture, it is not necessary to compact. All operations should be carried out carefully so as not to damage the fragile roots of the flower.

The optimum temperature for rooting cuttings is 20-22 degrees.

A month later, after the full rooting of abutilon, it can be transplanted into permanent pots.

Abutilon Bella grade. Growing from seed

Bella varieties belong to a series of hybrid varieties, it is intended for indoor cultivation.

Abutilon Bella grade

The Bell hybrid flowers are bright, with picturesque petals, they will decorate any room. Flowering takes place all year round, for which he has become very popular with many lovers.

Bella’s features:

  • small internodes;
  • compact, small size bushes up to 40 cm;
  • long and abundant flowering;
  • the plant does not require, in practice, plucking and pruning, because it branches well on its own;
  • The flowers are wide open, up to 10 cm in diameter.

Bella hybrid care

The plant needs watering, especially in hot weather, often and plentifully. Spray the foliage 2 times a month. In the summer, it needs to be taken out into the streets and sprayed more often.

Reproduction of the Bella hybrid using seeds

Indoor maple of this species reproduces only by seeds. To obtain full-fledged seeds for propagation, it is necessary to carry out artificial pollination of one variety: this will require transferring pollen from one flower to another with a soft brush. Seed grains also need to be cut and soaked in a growth stimulator. Seeds are sown in moist soil, and after a year and a half you can already admire the flowers of the desired parameter.

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