The use of peat in the garden and in the garden

the use of peat in the garden and in the garden Blog

In order for plants to grow actively, the soil must be nutritious. Often, the soil lacks these nutrients and trace elements, so it is necessary to fertilize the soil. You can use peat as a fertilizer, because it contains a lot of acids, fibers, trace elements that make the soil fertile, loose. Peat makes plants grow more actively. Peat does not have to be bagged.

Peat is formed by the transformation (rotting) of various dead parts of plants. Decomposition is facilitated by a minimum of air and a maximum of moisture. Peat has such a component as ash content. The higher the ash content of peat, the more fertile will be the soil where peat is used.

Peat is divided into several types:

– top – a layer of peat in which the ash content is very low, that is, such peat is little used as a fertilizer;
– lowland – peat, which has a high ash content, and is often used to fertilize the soil.

Peat as a fertilizer is very useful not only for the soil, but also for the atmosphere as a whole, as it processes carbon dioxide and is a natural filter for air and water. However, dry peat poses a fire hazard.

There are plants that require very fertilized soil for planting. It is for them that a soil mixture with peat is prepared. Since the cuttings are still tender and fragile, the peat mixture is very well suited for transplanting them, as the soil becomes loose, more air and moisture pass through.

Peat itself is not a nutrient soil. It shows its properties only when mixed with other soils: it makes the soil rich in minerals and loose, which is an ideal condition for the growth of flowers and other plants.

In order to prepare soil for a peat-based garden, the peat needs to rot. For example, you need to put peat in a pile and leave it to humus for several years, while it needs to be periodically loosened and turned over. If you mix peat with humus, then its “ripening” will go much faster and there will be more nutrients. In order to make the acidity of peat acceptable for plants, it is necessary to add lime or ash to it. Peat must be kept in a humid environment, so its processing is faster. Before creating a peat-based soil mixture, it must be additionally moistened.

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