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Choosing the perfect variety of tomato is not an easy task. In our time, there is such a multitude and variety of types of tomatoes that eyes widen. When choosing a variety, it is worth considering many factors and nuances. And also clearly understand what kind of result you want to get.

Tomato Gardener: description and characteristics of the variety

Tomato gardener

We recommend paying attention to such a tomato variety as Ogorodnik. This is one of the most unpretentious, reliable and resistant types of tomato.

If we talk briefly about the advantages of this Ogorodnik variety, then here are the most basic ones:

  • Early and long fruiting
  • Suitable for different regions of central Russia
  • Resistant to various diseases and pests
  • High yield
  • Weather resistant

Let’s talk and analyze in more detail the characteristics of this beautiful Ogorodnik variety.

A distinctive feature of this species is its composition, namely the high content of potassium, iron, cobalt, zinc and magnesium. Doctors often recommend Ogorodnik for the treatment of certain pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, with iron deficiency, as well as with heart and vascular diseases.

If the seedlings are grown correctly, and the planting is made according to the lunar calendar , then from the moment of the first shoots to the moment when several ripe fruits appear, at least 90 days pass. Sometimes the number of days increases to 105-110 days.

We recommend applying one trick for faster fruiting. Grow seedlings in an unheated capital-type greenhouse. And in the first weeks after planting tomatoes in open ground, use a film cover!

tomato gardener

Tomato Gardener can be grown both in the greenhouse and in the open field. In both cases, it will produce an incredible array of fruits. With proper cultivation, it is possible to collect 11-13 kg in a greenhouse, and about 6 kg in open ground.

This variety usually bears fruit from mid-July until frost without interruption. The gardener’s bush grows on average up to 2 meters and requires a timely garter. But such a height greatly facilitates the work of gardeners in harvesting.

Under favorable growing conditions, the weight of a tomato averages 200-350 grams. Tomato fruits grow in large numbers under every third leaf of the upper inflorescence. Even low and compact bushes have a large number of fruits.

An interesting fact – if you remove some of the ovaries, while leaving the most viable ones, you can grow giant tomatoes weighing more than 500 grams with a high content of nutrients!

Tomato Gardener has a pronounced bright red hue with a glossy beautiful skin. On the palate you can catch a pleasant sweetness and slight sourness. The fruits themselves are quite fleshy and dense. Tomatoes of this variety have a very pleasant aroma. Tomato of this species has an excellent ability for long-term transportation, does not lose its attractive presentation. This variety is excellent for commercial cultivation.

A tip for those who want to grow this variety on an industrial scale is to form pairs of stems. This will double the number of fruits compared to growing a crop in one stem!


First of all, it is worth noting that due to the high resistance to late blight, fusarium and stolbur, tomatoes can be grown year-round in an equipped greenhouse. Tomatoes of this variety also need minimal feeding.

Tomato seedling gardener

Good soil is the key to success. For sowing tomatoes of this variety, it is recommended to choose a universal soil. Do not give your preference to garden soil, as it contains pathogens that can infect and spoil the seeds. It is best to mix the universal soil with granulated peat. From the moment of germination, it is imperative to provide tomatoes with good lighting and optimal air circulation. This will give you excellent results.

It is recommended to plant seedlings according to the lunar calendar. The planting date is set 60-65 days before the end of frost, the soil should warm up a little.

We recommend that you already now study the Lunar calendar for 2020 in order to clearly define favorable days for yourself for landing and any other agricultural work.

We wish you a fertile season and delicious tomatoes!

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