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Root varieties of parsley
The sugar parsley variety grows a half-long white root crop. It is a root parsley variety that ripens quickly and has a growing season of about 90 or 100 days. This variety is grown for consumption in summer and fall.Parsley’s essential oils qualify it as a “chemoprotective” food that neutralizes certain types of carcinogens (such as benzopyrenes, which are part of cigarette smoke and charcoal smoke).

Why this distance and not more? In the garden, if you were planting in a bed, the distance between bushes should be 20-25 cm. However, in a pot or box the plants are stunted in growth and do not grow as quickly and spread out as in a free ground, so they need less space. But this rule applies only to leafy parsley.

For reference: 1 g contains 700 to 1000 parsley seeds.

Leaf parsley varieties
Chastushka” – early maturing high yielding variety, vegetation period 75-85 days. The average weight of a single root crop – 25-60 grams. The qualities of taste are high. Root crop conical, pointed, its length is 20-30 cm, the diameter of the upper part up to 6.5 cm. The leaf rosette of parsley is powerful, spreading, consists of 20-40 leaves. The color of the leaves is dark green. The leaves are shiny on top and matt underneath.
It’s hard to say which parsley is more popular with gardeners. Leaf parsley comes in common, with plain, shiny leaves, or curly, with frosted corrugated leaves. They differ from each other in leaf shape. The common parsley usually has a stronger flavor than the curly-leafed parsley. But curly-leaf parsley is very beautiful, graceful – will decorate any dish.
Only in April? How long will it sit? Six months?) I do not know … In my area is almost black earth, the soil is good). Besides, you can always buy a mix in the store!) About the color I agree, and yet. Sometimes I see parsley very dark green. Probably water it with something, so it grows faster and does not get sick.) Now I found out that in Russia, of all the greenhouse vegetables that you and I buy in winter, only 17% are grown in Russia. The rest are imported. And, as you know, they import all sorts of rubbish to us, like in a third-world country.) So it’s better to grow our own. My point: gardeners and gardeners, it’s time to revive the industry!


Water your homemade “bed” with hot water and lightly tamp it down.

Curly parsley varieties.

Curly parsley is a medium-ripening variety with a growing season of about 130 days. Roots of this variety are conical, gray-white in color, the flesh of such a root crop is white, and the core is yellowish. This variety stores well.

Parsley is a rich source of antioxidants. It promotes blood purification and tissue regeneration at the cellular level.

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