We make beds according to the Mitlider with our own hands

we make beds according to the mitlider with our own hands Blog

Many gardening methods came to us from abroad. One of them is the method of Dr. Mitlider. Dr. Mitlider is a famous American vegetable grower who developed his own system for organizing greenhouses and garden beds. For his scientific research, the doctor received a degree. And the system he developed is loved by many agronomists in different parts of the world.

The essence of Dr. Mitlider’s idea is to combine traditional vegetable growing and relatively new – hydroponic. The technique allows the most efficient use of the landing area and other resources. With his system, the doctor solved the problem of mineral nutrition of plants. In addition, the garden, arranged according to Mitlider, has a well-groomed appearance and serves as a decoration for any site.

The essence of the technique.

Studying vegetable growing, the doctor came to several unexpected conclusions. First of all, in his opinion, it makes no sense to dig up your garden every year. It is enough to mark your site once and break the beds on it.

The beds need to be long and narrow, and the space between them should exceed their width several times. These garden beds are incredibly easy to care for. They are easy to handle, and between them you can safely carry a cart. In addition, with this arrangement of beds, there is no competition between plants for vital resources. That is why their productivity is greatly increased.

The second feature of the method is the method of planting plants. Vegetables are planted in two rows. The distance between the rows is 15-20 cm. The distance between the plants themselves in the rows is determined by the characteristics of the planted crop. But, in any case, landings should not be too dense.

If the vegetable crop is especially large (zucchini and pumpkins), then the garden bed is made single-row.

Advantages of the Mitlider system.

The technology promises the maximum fruiting of any plant culture. The advantages of the system include:

  • improving the taste characteristics of vegetables;
  • the most efficient use of fertilizers;
  • watering convenience. Water does not stagnate in the beds. Its excess flows between them;
  • high environmental friendliness of the resulting crop. Plants planted using the Mitlider method do not accumulate harmful chemical elements.

Types of beds according to this method.

There are two types of beds designed by the doctor. The first is narrow beds. The second – beds with high sides . Both of these types are very effective in use. But narrow beds are better suited for a small garden, and beds with sides – for a larger plot.

Features of narrow beds:

  • such beds require a flat surface of the site;
  • the beds themselves and the aisles are on the same level;
  • they can be used more than once per season;
  • the beds are separated by low sides (up to 10 cm in height).

Specifics of beds-boxes:

  • ideal for use in a greenhouse, as their landing area is quite large. Perfectly save space;
  • can be installed on areas with very uneven terrain. In addition, you can use the terrain with completely unsuitable soil for planting;
  • the box-bed is reliably protected from flooding and freezing. In the spring, such a danger is present in many gardens.beds

Garden according to the Mitlider method with your own hands.

There are some features of the organization of the garden according to this method. You need to carefully plan your actions. First of all, you need to choose a suitable site. To place the beds you need a flat place that is not subject to blowing. Good lighting and access to water for irrigation are important.

If the site is not flat enough, and you decide to break narrow beds, you need to resort to artificial alignment. But it would be best to organize a garden consisting of beds-boxes. In this case, there is no need to correct the terrain.

The beds should be arranged in the direction from east to west. This placement will give you the best results. But, if this is not possible, another arrangement is allowed.

Different vegetable crops have features in planting in the garden:

  1. Low plants need to be located on the south side, while taller ones – on the north.
  2. Crops bearing large fruits should be planted at a considerable distance from each other (up to 35 cm).
  3. Root crops are recommended to be planted in a checkerboard pattern. The same rule applies to greens.

After preparing the site, you can break the beds.

Arrangement of beds-boxes.

In order to build such a bed, you need to proceed as follows:

  1. Outlining the future garden. On the prepared site, the necessary boundaries should be marked. The width of each bed is exactly 45 cm. The passage between them must be at least 1 meter. At the corners of the planned beds, it is necessary to score 4 pegs, which then need to be leveled in height.
  2. Processing of the necessary materials. Choose boards that are the right size. It is better to impregnate them with an antiseptic. In such a simple way, you can protect the sides from rotting. From thick bars to make legs for the future design.
  3. Box assembly. The frame of the sides is formed. It must be securely attached to the support bars. The height of the side depends on the crop being grown. It should be at least 30 cm. The result should be a flat rectangular structure.
  4. Installation. It is not enough just to put the finished frame. By adjusting the height of the supports, it is necessary to set the box perfectly level. No deviation is allowed. For proper adjustment, you need to use the building level. If you managed to align one side of the frame, you can safely proceed to the manufacture of the second. The parts are connected to each other without any differences. The future bed should be perfectly flat.
  5. Filling the garden. The bottom of the box is laid out with a dense film. With this method, the soil in the box is reliably isolated from the ground in the area. The gardener can fill the bed with soil with any composition and, accordingly, plant any crop on it, regardless of the properties of the soil in his garden.

Arrangement of narrow beds.

Of course, narrow beds are much easier to break than box beds. To create such a garden, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Ridge marking. Its width should be no more than 50 cm. It is worth immediately marking the passages. Passages are made exactly twice as wide as the beds. The length of the beds depends only on the desire of the owner and the size of his garden. The boundaries of the future beds are marked with wooden pegs driven into the ground.
  2. Formation of beds. Fertile land is poured in the center of each row. Then the embankment is raked to the sides, forming the earthen sides of the beds. It is this strip between the sides that is processed and used for planting. Their value is very great. They contribute to the retention of nutrients and water in the garden. The plant easily receives the components necessary for growth. This results in increased productivity.
  3. The last step is planting. They are sown in two rows. This method makes it easy to care for planted vegetables. In addition, vegetables ripen with such a planting at the same time. That is why in one season the owner can take several crops from the garden.

Growing potatoes on the beds of Mitlider .

This method is suitable for growing any crops , including potatoes. For planting it is worth using narrow beds. Even inexperienced gardeners, using the Mitlider method, get 20-25% more potatoes compared to conventional cultivation.

A garden bed is being arranged in accordance with the technology. Planting holes are placed in a checkerboard pattern. The depth of the holes is up to 12 cm. To feed the plants, vermicompost should be laid on their bottom. During the season, it is worth feeding the potatoes three times: when shoots appear, then when the plants reach a height of 15 cm, and finally, at the stage of bud formation.

With proper adherence to planting technology, the summer resident gets rid of the need to spud potatoes. He will save his time and get a bigger harvest.

For which areas the Mitlider method is not suitable.

The author himself, describing his technology, noted that it would not be effective for all types of sites. You should not try to grow vegetables according to his method in the following places:

  • next to roads. Vegetables must be organic;
  • in the lowlands. There is a high probability of stagnant water and rotting of seedlings;
  • in poorly lit places;
  • too far from the water source. The lack of watering will negatively affect the future harvest;
  • in areas with high slopes. From such beds, all fertilizers and water will drain instantly.

Fertilizers according to the Mitlider system.

The technique involves the use of two types of fertilizers. The first mixture includes boron, and the second – potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. They must be prepared in accordance with the tables, taking into account the characteristics of the soil used.

The first mixture is applied to the garden immediately after the completion of its design. About 250 grams of fertilizer is consumed per 1 meter of the bed length. The second mixture is applied during the growing season.

But modern gardeners are gradually abandoning the use of fertilizers, preferring environmentally friendly products.

Increasingly, these mixtures are being replaced with liquid fertilizers made from herbal infusions. They are also brought into the middle of the beds. They are completely safe for health and perfectly improve the quality of the crop.

The Mitlider system was developed in America, but spread far beyond its borders. The reason for this popularity is the great efficiency of the methods. As it turned out, the correct organization of the landing area can work wonders! And the doctor’s method is a perfect proof of that. Its efficiency, on average, is 20% higher than the standard methods of planting vegetable crops.

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