Why do potato leaves curl?

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Are potato leaves curling in your potato patch? We will try to find out the reasons why the leaves of the potato curl and how to deal with it.


The cause of leaf curl may be herbicides used to control weeds. And it doesn’t matter if you use them on your site or not, they can be brought by the wind from neighboring areas.


A fairly common cause of twisting is viral diseases, we will dwell on them in more detail.

mosaic twist

why do potato leaves curl photo treatment
Mosaic leaf curl

Caused by a virus, if no treatment measures are taken, up to 70% of the potato crop may die. A characteristic feature is the twisting of the leaves, while the edges of the leaves become wavy. External symptoms may vary depending on the form of the virus, potato variety, degree of infestation. The mosaic does not affect the lower leaves, so if fresh, young leaves curled up and turned yellow on the potato bushes, most likely they were struck by a mosaic virus. It is transmitted mechanically, pests can be carriers.

In this viral disease, the disease affects the lower leaves, they are twisted longitudinally along the midrib. They become very hard and rustling, unlike the mosaic virus, the lower part of the leaf often acquires a purple hue. Bushes are significantly behind in development, the tops become pale green.

In a hot and dry summer, the virus manifests itself with maximum force, while the starch content of tubers decreases by 5%. The virus can persist in planting material, so most often it is introduced with tubers during planting, carriers are aphids and bedbugs. From this disease, the potato yield can decrease from 30 to 80%.

Black scab (rhizoctoniosis)
The causative agent of this disease is a fungus that affects plants in the germination phase, reducing yields by 15 to 30%. The fungus persists in the ground and potato tubers, but most often the source of the disease lies in the infected seed material.

black scab on potatoes
Black scab on potato leaves

The leaves curl at the very beginning of the disease, and then the plant rots and dies. At the same time, brown sores appear on the stems of the potato, the stems inside resemble a rotten tree in structure. As a result, the supply of nutrients from the leaves to the roots is significantly reduced, and small, deformed tubers form in the potato. Yellowing of the bushes is often noted, the leaves become red or purple.

Rhizoctonia has several varieties:

-white leg, the stem at the surface of the earth is covered with a whitish bloom. It manifests itself most often in rainy summer, in its second half;

– spotting of tubers affects potato plantings in rainy and cold summers, depressed rounded brown spots up to 1 cm in diameter appear on them. Outwardly, they are similar to the signs that occur when a wireworm is damaged.


Potato leaves are curling, what to do

Ogorodnikov is interested in the question of why do the leaves of potatoes curl, is treatment necessary or not? To protect against infections, as well as from the wireworm and the Colorado potato beetle, the tubers are treated with the Prestige preparation. To do this, 1 part of the drug is diluted in 10 parts of water, then the potatoes are sprayed using a liter of solution per 10 kg. seed material.

potato leaves are curling what to do

For the prevention of diseases, pay attention to the quality of the seed material, discard not only completely affected tubers, but also those with slight signs of damage.

Planting whole tubers is safer than cutting them into pieces. A bacterial infection may occur at the cut site.

During the growing season, treat pests in a timely manner

It is not recommended to use small, as well as non-varietal tubers when planting. Diseases appear only during the growing season, although outwardly the potato may look healthy. Such potatoes are most often affected by ring rot, viruses and black leg.

Despite the danger of viral diseases, preventing them is quite simple. Follow these recommendations, and no disease can reduce the yield of your potatoes.

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