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When we first made this salad for the winter, we made a few jars to try. There was nothing left for the winter. It was so delicious! So now we’re doing it on the go! Great as an accompaniment to meals. You can even serve this delicious dish to your guests!

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Snack from zucchini for the winter “Yurcha”

Favorite by my husband. He asked for more to close. Five years ago, we had a thriller about zucchini at our dacha. We literally had to survive the invasion of zucchini and donuts. Every time we came to the cottage, the zucchini came and went. They were collected whole, even the smallest ones on Sunday, and a week later the piglets were again under the leaves. In short, it was a horror film “The Zucchini is Coming.” And I covered them with every recipe I could find. Some, by the way, could not eat, then there is a lot of vinegar, heartburn from tomato paste, everyone has different tastes. But this recipe not only caught on, and now I close 50 jars for myself, my mother and children. He is really good. In winter, they can be cooked with anything, with buckwheat, rice, noodles. The recipe was found by Oktyabrina Ganichkina. There is only one minus, store in a cool place, at least as recommended by the author himself,

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Zucchini caviar baked in a sleeve

I didn’t find this recipe on the site. I want to thank my virtual mentor Victoria Pasha for the recipe. Caviar is amazingly delicious, but more importantly, it’s the easiest recipe I’ve ever come across. For three years now, I have been making caviar in this way, with the exception of seaming for the winter, where there is a different technology. And since zucchini caviar can always be eaten, twice a week, the “One, two, three” option is ideal for those who do not like or do not have the opportunity to stand at the stove and stir, fearing that it will run away, burn, etc. During all the work, you wash the vegetables, put them in and leave. Then shake it up and you’re done. You are interested? We invite!

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Squash Cavier

I dare to offer you my own version of the preparation of this caviar, having looked through all the recipes on the site, I did not find a single one (I wanted to attach a photo). This recipe is very simple and practically dietary.

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Zucchini “Mushrooms”

It’s time for canning. He worked all weekend at a cannery. I decided to share with you, dear “cooks”, one of the recipes. I went through 45 pages of zucchini recipes. The last one is similar to mine. Shame! But I have something else. However, I submit it to your opinion. Zucchini is delicious and tastes like salted mushrooms. I absolutely love them! The recipe is from a brochure I bought at a used book store.

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Zucchini “Teschin language”

For zucchini lovers. Very tasty, spicy appetizer. You can save them for the winter or cook and eat right now. I want to note right away that I cooked half the portion, and I give the products to the full, because I twist the zucchini a little later. A very tasty thing. Try it.

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Zucchini for the winter

At the request of respected chefs, I am moving the recipe to the main page)) But if most people decide that this is not the place, post it and I will delete it! So, a very quick and easy way to cook zucchini for the winter!

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Mix for stew

I will not discover America with this recipe, but perhaps someone will find this information very useful. Such a mixture is useful in winter, when you can cook fragrant vegetable stew from it. Pay special attention to those who are fasting, because vegetables are expensive in winter and such a glaze will diversify your table. I also invite you to discuss icing on the forum. See link below.

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Harvesting from zucchini for the winter

Very interesting idea! Many thanks to Nina Semchenko for this interesting recipe. You can close them for the winter and then use them to make zucchini rolls.

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Northern adjika

It’s cheap zucchini season. Here is a recipe that will come in handy in the winter. In my case, the bank crashes without a trace at lunchtime. There have been many requests for this recipe to be included. Sorry, this is not step by step, but it is so simple that even a child can figure it out!

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Zucchini for the winter. Many housewives prepare zucchini for the winter, not only because they want to process the summer and autumn zucchini crop, but also because it is a vegetable with a delicate taste, low-calorie, healthy, rich in vitamins, which will be good for the body. in winter.

Zucchini has a small problem: if you cook this vegetable for the winter according to one recipe and in large quantities, you will quickly get tired of such a dish, because the zucchini itself has a fairly neutral taste and additional products that are used in a separate recipe. play an important role in its conservation. Therefore, it is recommended to arm yourself with at least 3-5 zucchini recipes for the winter and make several jars of such recipes for the winter.

Zucchini for the winter can be in a dry semi-sweet sauce with the addition of sugar, apples, pears or honey. I recommend that spicy lovers pay attention to the presence among them of such vegetables as hot peppers, horseradish root, garlic in recipes for canning zucchini for the winter.

Fans of mushrooms will definitely like the recipes for jam from zucchini “mushroom”.

There are recipes for zucchini in tomato sauce, reminiscent of lecho. Vegetable salads from zucchini, in which other vegetables are used in addition to zucchini, are very tasty.

Zucchini for the winter should be placed in sterilized jars, which also need to be additionally sterilized with the contents, sterilized closed and stored in a cool place – refrigerator, cellar, pantry.

Open jars of canned zucchini should not be stored for a long time. Food must be served immediately. Therefore, zucchini for the winter should be stored in small jars.

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