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The Kubota L2800 is a compact 2WD (L2800F) and 4WD (L2800DT and L2800HST) L series utility tractor. This tractor was manufactured by Kubota from 2007 to 2010.

The Kubota L2800 was equipped with one of two engines: a 1.4L three-cylinder diesel engine from 2004 to 2007 and a 1.5L three-cylinder diesel engine from 2008 to 2010. The Kubota L2800 used a transmission. constant gear with 8 forward and 4 reverse gears of a hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse (3 ranges).

This tractor could be equipped with the following engines.

  • Kubota D1403 (2004-2007). It is a 1.4 L, 1,393 cm 2 (85.0 cu·in) naturally aspirated three-cylinder diesel engine with 80.0 mm (3.15 in) cylinder bore and 92.4 mm ( 3.64 in) of piston stroke. This engine produced 29.4 PS (21.6 kW, 29.0 HP) of gross power and 24.3 PS (17.9 KW, 24.0 HP) of PTO power output for the transmission model. gear type 22.8 CV (16.8 KW; 22.5 HP) for the model with hydrostatic transmission.
  • Kubota XtraPower (2008-2010). It is a 1.5 L, 1,498 cm 2, (91.4 cu·in) naturally aspirated three-cylinder diesel engine. The cylinder bore is 84.0 mm (3.31 inches) and the piston stroke is 91.0 mm (3.58 inches). This engine produces 30.5 PS (22.4 kW; 30.0 HP) at 2,800 rpm of gross power.The Kubota L2800 is equipped with power steering, wet disc brakes, an open cockpit with two-post ROPS (folding ROPS was available as an option), and a 34.0-liter (9.0 US gallon; 7 fuel tank). 5 gallons Imp.).

Kubota L2800: diesel, 3 cylinders, bore x stroke:

  • 84 x 91, liquid-cooled engine,
  • 540 rpm power take-off,
  • central hydrostatic,
  • hydrostatic,
  • 8 forward gears,
  • 4 reverse gears.

The Kubota L2800 compact tractor has an engine manufactured by Kubota. It is a 3-cylinder diesel engine that has a total power of 29 hp. The size of the engine is 1.4 liters. The engine is started by a 12 volt battery. When the L2800 was purchased fresh off the assembly line, there were several gearboxes to choose from. A constant gear transmission system was available that gives the machine 8 forward speeds and 4 reverse speeds. Or you can buy it with a hydrostatic transmission that provides the tractor with an infinite number of speeds in 3 ranges (high, medium and low gears).

The tractor’s fuel tank holds 34.1 liters of diesel. It can carry a wide variety of implements thanks to its Category 1 3-point hitch, which gives it a maximum rear lift capacity of 906 kg (1998 lbs), making it very useful for small and medium-sized farmers. The Kubota L2800 had a choice of 2 chassis when buying it first hand. The first option is a 4? 2 2WD chassis or you could choose the 4? 4 MFWD 4WD chassis a bit more stable. Obviously, being able to choose a chassis means that the dimensions of the tractor will vary.

If you choose the 4×2 chassis, the Kubota L2800 will measure 2.8m in length and weigh 1070kg. However, if you choose the MFWD 4×4 chassis, your Kubota L2800 will measure 2.7 m (106.5 inches) in length and weigh 1179 kg (2,600 lbs). Both the 2WD and 4WD chassis give the L2800 a height of 2.15 m (85 inches) and a ground clearance of 0.34 m (13.5 inches). Both have a 1.6 m (63.3 in) wheelbase. In addition to being able to accommodate many implements through its rear PTO, it can also carry a front loader.

It set new standards for professional farm tractors at the time, and it proved to be an extremely maneuverable tractor, which delivered high levels of performance, and offered great power and great versatility.

Available in a wide variety of markets, it was capable of tough commercial work, as well as precision agriculture, and all kinds of demanding tasks and farm work requirements.

The Kubota L2800 combined highly efficient performance with lower fuel consumption, and the transmission system offers both efficiency and driving comfort.

The Kubota engine was efficient and quiet, allowing for a more comfortable ride. This is a very important feature of any tractor, since the operator is likely to use it for considerable periods of time with little rest.

Kubota L2800 Tractor Specifications:

  • L2800 Kubota L2800-это дизельный трактор стандартного размера, представленный в 2004 году. Эта классическая оранжевая модель Kubota выпускается в двух вариантах: с зубчатой передачей или гидростатическим приводом – HST.
  • Motor
    The L2800 comes with a four-cycle vertical liquid-cooled diesel engine with indirect injection. Both models have a three-cylinder engine and 30 horsepower. The gear drive version comes in 2- and 4-wheel-drive models, and the HST is only available in 4-wheel drive. The L2800’s fuel tank capacity is 9 gallons.
  • Hydraulic
    The towing and lifting capacity of a tractor is key to its operating value. The Kubota L2800 has a Category 1 three-point hitch and a position-controlled lift mechanism. The lifting capacity is 1,998 pounds.
  • Displacement mechanisms
    The gear drive version of the L2800 has eight forward gears and four reverse gears. The HST edition has three range speeds. Both types of tractors have integrated power steering and wet disc brakes. Both have a dry-type single-stage clutch and a standard rear differential.
  • Dimensions
    The Kubota L2800 gear-drive tractor is 110.6 inches long. The 2-wheel-drive model weighs 2,359 pounds, the 4-wheel drive 2,536 pounds. The HST version is slightly shorter, at 106.5 inches, and weighs 2,600 pounds. All L2800 tractors are 51.4 inches wide, 85 inches tall, and have a 63.3-inch wheelbase. Ground clearance is approximately 13.5 inches.
  • Kubota L2800 Tractor
    The Kubota L2800 Tractor comes equipped with a 3-point hitch system with a PTO output. This will allow you to connect a wide variety of accessories to this tractor.

Our opinion on the Kubota L2800:

Diesel, 3 cylinders, labor turnover higher than 2500, 12V-oltowy starter, 24V oversized battery, charging alternator, rather typical lighting, PTO with very good specs, brake without power , disc brakes, wet, sredniak when it comes to size, ample space, 2WD, transmission without synchro, hydrostatic transmission, reversing machanizm, Classic number of gears forward, backward rather average.

Kubota L2800
Kubota L2800


“Great tractor and meets all my needs perfectly. My only complaint is that the 3-point hitch can be rough when lifting.”

“My L2800DT is just the right size. It’s not too big or too small for my needs. I have about 3 acres to mow with a trim mower and about 1/2 acres that I grow. Fuel consumption is very good. I have a choice. front loader and use it instead of a wheelbarrow. I have the geared version. I find the hydrostatic version not very powerful. I have cleared trees and brush without problems. I would not hesitate to buy it again. I highly recommend it. “

“I bought it used from a private individual and it had 4 hours of use. Currently I have about 70 hours and it has worked well within the limits of the implements established in the manual. A defect is the hydraulic system that jumps, as many users have pointed out in the forum. Even that is offset a bit by using most implements and having the tractor at the working RPM level. It’s most noticeable at idle, but I make up for it. If I had designed it, I would have made the parking brake so Different and in a more convenient place instead of having to bend over and push a small lever down the brake. I have mowed, weed, plowed and used a box cutter. I would buy it again. “

“I’ve told my friends that my tractor thinks it’s a bulldozer. Seriously, the horsepower on this midsize tractor is incredible. In 4WD, it can push anything (it seems). You can tell by the hours that I haven’t used it. the tractor as much as others, but the times I’ve used it, I really put it to the test. It passed every time. I used it to clean up some properties I had, to work on my parents’ property and on my own ( s) farm (s). In the last few years I haven’t used it as much since we bought a smaller place (2 acres) and I don’t really have a need for it now. I have considered selling it a couple of times, but I can’t seem to let it go. Literally the best machine I’ve ever owned, of any kind. I’ll keep it like a big wheelbarrow if need be. I can’t get rid of it. I highly recommend the hydraulic transmission. Very convenient. “

“I had a little Yanmar and I was reaching the limit of what the tractor could do. I started looking for a four wheel drive tractor with a loader. I looked at several different tractors and one of the things that led me to Kubota was the reputation. The L2800 I bought has worked perfectly and has done everything I’ve asked of it so far. Kubota makes a great tractor. “

“I’ve wanted my own tractor my whole life! I always used John Deere and Farmall Cubs when I was young and old. I first bought a JD790 from a dealer that had to be returned because the dealer sold me a damaged tractor with unacceptable repairs. Later From months of frustration, meeting with people, mostly dealerships, who were lying and covering up problems by trying to see troubled tractors, I finally found this little orange gem. I had just about everything I wanted in a tractor: 4×4 hydro FEL bush backhoe hog low hours and near perfect paint and tires. I’m very excited about this tractor. It’s an older model and has less horsepower with the hydro, but honestly I don’t see that it’s a problem. In 4×4 mode this thing locks into the ground and just pushes hard! It is an L series so it is heavier than the B series and that only adds stability and performance. I use a 6 foot brush cutter and I mean “brush cutter” because I have cut 2 inch diameter 16 foot tall squash with no problem. The backhoe is a BH75 and it’s just amazing! Backhoe Loader Made Easy! Three points is a bit to put back, but that’s not a big deal since I’m getting faster on it. Cruise control and power steering are a pleasure to drive. I thought I was going to hate where the FEL controls are different from the John Deere I was used to barrowing but not long before that was a no-problem. I would say pound for pound this tractor is a great fit! My plan will be to use it to dig trenches for underground wiring in electrical work, bush grabbing and I hope to start building a plug-in aerator of my own design soon! “

“I bought this new Kubota L-2800 HST tractor in 2005 and haven’t had a single problem with it. I seem to use it quite often, but I’m surprised it only has 380 hours on it. I keep a base road of 1 / 2 miles for my neighbors and I twice a year, I have built and maintained several other roads on my property, built a shooting range on the property with it, and cleared acres of brush. Now I’m looking for a backhoe and auger for it. ” .

“My review is very premature as I just bought it. It is based mostly on hearsay. However, it appears to be a tough little bug.”

“Before I bought it, the Kubota L2800DT seemed to be the size of tractor I needed to maintain the house and land we just bought. I especially wanted a gear drive versus a hydrostatic tractor as there are hills on the property. then i have proven that i was correct. so far it has done all the tasks with ease, from final mowing to bush grabbing. i have yet to test it with the 4ft cultivator i just bought but hope it will work with the Same ease as the other two attachments. I have used the front loader to unload attachments from the back of a pickup and 18-wheeler. Great tractor so far. “

“I bought it to help me build my store and to corner my 11 acres. I have always wanted a tractor and when we bought my property and built a new house it gave me the opportunity to buy it. I have not had any problems with this tractor and it has worked. as was necessary. I also use a rototiller and a box cutter. “

“Workhorse. I use the front loader all the time. The 4sp manual gearbox is much easier than a manual JD. The 4WD makes digging and shoveling twice as easy. I am very satisfied No repairs to date Only fluid changes and greases. “

Kubota L2800 2
Kubota L2800

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